Q: Can I apply for scholarship for my Bachelor’s studies?
A: Visegrad Scholarships only cover studies at master’s (MA or equivalent) or post-master’s (doctoral studies programs or independent research e.g. at a postdoc level). Bachelor’s (BA or equivalent) degree level is only available for the Intra-V4 scheme, i.e., citizens of one of the V4 countries studying in another V4 country.

Q: Can I apply if I am currently not a student?
A: Yes, one’s student’s status is not required but you must have completed at least 6 semesters of higher education or hold the equivalent of a Bachelor’s (BA) degree or equivalent) at the time of starting the scholarship.

Q: Is there an age limit for applying?
A: No, we do not take into account the age of the applicant, only the level of studies.

Q: Which academic disciplines do the scholarships cover?
A: We currently do not have any priority areas as regards your academic discipline or study/research topics.

Q: If I completed my Bachelor’s studies abroad, can I continue in the same country (e.g. MA)?
A: If you completed your previous studies in one of the V4 countries (e.g. you hold a Czech BA degree), you cannot apply for further studies in the same country (e.g. MA in Czechia) but can decide for a different V4 country.

Q: If I am enrolled in the first year of a MA program, can I apply for scholarship to finish my studies at the same university?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I apply in case I will not have the acceptance letter (from the host university) by the deadline?
A: Yes, in case your program requires admission tests or a personal interview (results of which will be known only after the deadline), you can submit a proof of your application for the studies (scan/on-line version of duly filled-in host university application form and confirmation of its hard copy/on-line submit) or a preliminary acceptance letter (same requisites as stated in 4 Required documents plus stating the date of provision of the final acceptance letter). The final acceptance letter is to be submitted before the signing of the contract with the Fund.

Q: Can I apply for more than one study program within an application form? Can I submit several application forms in one deadline?
A: No, each scholar can submit only one application to one host institution and for one study
program/research project at a time (within a deadline).

Q: Can I receive Erasmus and Visegrad Fund scholarship at the same time?
A: The scholar cannot accept any other governmental scholarship from any of the V4 member states or the EU simultaneously with the scholarship of the International Visegrad Fund.

Q: Can I leave my host university/institution during the scholarship period?
A: The scholarship is an attendance scholarship. The scholar is expected to work on his study/research project at the host institution for the entire scholarship period.

Q: Do I have to study in English?
A: The language of your study/research depends on the programs offered by your host institution; you do not have to study in English. You do not need to provide us with any language certificates.

Q: Does the Visegrad Fund help me with the admission at the host institution?
A: No, the scholarship is meant for support of scholars already accepted (at least preliminarily) at host institutions. The admission process at the host institution is the responsibility of the applicant.

Q: Which institutions are eligible hosts?
A: Any higher-education institution (accredited in the respective country) is eligible as the potential host and so are institutes of science academies in the respective countries.

Q: Can I submit my application form after the deadline?
A: There is no possibility to submit the application past the deadline. The deadline is strict and the IVF will receive no application past it.

Q: What documents do I have to submit/upload with the application form?
If applying for Master scholarship:
1 Scan of a valid identification document
2 Scan of transcript of records for the last two duly terminated semesters
3 Scan of letter of acceptance from the host university/institute
If applying for Post-master scholarship:
1 Scan of a valid identification document
2 Scan of letter of acceptance including working plan from the host university/institute