Q: When can my project start?
A: A project can start once it has been approved and the contract has been signed between the grantee and the fund. In reality, it is usually no earlier than 70 working days after deadline.

Q: What is the maximum duration of the project?
A: Maximum contractual period for project implementation is 18 months. Only the costs that occurred during a given contractual period can be covered by the grant.

Q: What is the role of the project coordinator?
A: Project coordinator leads the project partners in the preparation period and coordinates
implementation of all project activities. Project coordinator is the only contractual party to the fund. Project coordinator is responsible for communication with the fund and for the financial and substantive reporting.

Q: What should be the role of project partners?
A: Project partners should be actively involved in project preparation and implementation. Each partner can have specific tasks that complement each other. Participation in project events only is not sufficient.

Q: Can I include partners from outside V4 region?
A: Yes.