Seminar/workshop • online

International online seminar on LSPAs 1.

Webinars will be organised to share experiences among target groups of local soldarity based food partnerships (farmers, consumers, NGO representatives, experts and a broader audience) at the Visegrad level. The online webinars will concern seelcted key topics (e.g. long-term financial viability of food communities, difficulties of a community organisation). For each topics, 4 presenters will be invited from the 4 partner countries. After the presentations, online experience sharing will be organised: participants can ask or discuss the topic in detail. The length of webinar will be 2 hours and it will be recorded for dissemination. The language of the webinars will be English, but partners will share the summary of the online events in their languages.
Concert • Novi Sad and Belgrade


The concert represents the showcasing of the results of all previously implemented projects' outputs. The following program will be presented to the audience. It is planned to perform five works by B. Schaeffer, namely: "Quartet 2+2'" for two pianists and two optional performers. "SG quartet" for any instrumentalists. "Non-stop" for piano. "Howl" for actor and chamber orchestra. "Contours" for piano - graphic music. Additionally, five premiered compositions by emerging artists will be performed, following a methodology and compositional process similar to B. Schaeffer. The artists and their new pieces are: Orszolia Keinz (Hungary) Gerard Lebik (Poland) Petr Vrba (Czech Republic) Daniel Matej (Slovakia) Elia Moretti (Italy/Czech Republic) Ljubomir Nikolic (Serbia) Two concerts are planned: a young ensemble concert and an emergent artist concert. Moderation will be organized as part of the concert, with the following schedule: Youth ensemble concert in Novi Sad and Belgrade, featuring repertoire by B. Schaeffer and compositions by emerged artists from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Serbia. Concert of emerged artists featuring Petr Vrba, Daniel Matej, Gerard Lebik, Elia Moretti, and Ljubomir Nikolic, performing repertoire by B. Schaeffer, and compositions by the aforementioned artists. The concert in Novi Sad will take place on April 20th at the "Svilara" cultural station, provided by our associate partner, Foundation 2021 (Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2021). The concert in Belgrade will take place on April 19th at the Student Cultural Center. The moderator will explain each composition and share interesting facts to make them understandable and engage the listeners, bringing them closer to the topic and Schaeffer's music. A passive participation in the form of a moderated concert is planned as part of the project, providing an opportunity for students, young composers, musicologists, experimental musicians, improvisers, and the interested audience to better understand the project's concept.