Seminar/workshop • Wrocław

Educational Workshop in Poland // On-line Version

1 of 10 educational one-day experience-based workshops for primary and high school pupils, based on 1989 theme. The workshop is lead by 2 trained experts. Approximately 30 pupils take part on one workshop. We are not able to tell yet in which cities the workshops will take place, this depends on the demand from the schools. Thanks to the workshops the pupils will have a chance to learn something from the history of their nation and key event of 1989. The workshops are based on a principle of drama and based on experience, which will contribute to not only learning about history, but also to understand it in the context.
Seminar/workshop, Training • Lublin

Training Two-Day Webinar

Given the still unpredictable situation in Poland and the travel restrictions, we have decided to offer a two-part webinar (in English, with translation into Polish) from May 22 to May 29 for educators from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova. We are preparing a series of online workshops and presentations of the youth competition winner.