Presentation • Brno

Presentation of Belarusian Literature in Brno

During the World of Books fair in Brno, there will be responses to Belarusian participation in it. The main part of the programme will take place in Brno's Husa na Provazku Theatre. In total, there will be one big event in the theatre with the participation of 10 authors and actors of the Husa na Provazku Theatre, debates are foreseen at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University. Involvement of regional media (Cesky Rozhlas Brno, Ceska Televize Brno).
Seminar/workshop • Radoľa

Creative Workshops

For presentation of living history we prepare creative workshops for public. Concrete we plane 3 workshops for children from Poland, Czechia and Slovakia from basic schools, with whom we cooperate for years (Radola is near PL and CZ border). Next workshop will be for adults, mainly seniors. Workshops will be presented history, living, crafts from historical period—14th–15th centuries—time of development of Serf towns in Central Europe. During workshops children will see historical crafters in their typical clothes at work. Children will be able to participate in the work of a craftsman, help him and try to make something. We plane to invite pottering, linen production. Blacksmith will have own forge in the courtyard of the museum. Historians will say about living in the historical time. Guided tour of the museum will be included.