Seminar/workshop, Training • Sopron

Training Camp and Cultural Program in Sopron

A 3-day training camp, a small competition and a lot of cultural programs. The Czech and Austrian partners and the Hungarian youth will come to Sopron. We'll do some training. In the free time we'll organize sight seeing. Sopron is 700 years old town with a lot of historical attractions, a nice and big forrest with hills and lookout towers. In the evenings we'll teach Hungarian folk dance and also the Austrian partner will be introduce the country's culture to the others. Our vice president is a long time active member of the biggest local folk dance enseble. The learn, teach and dance not only Hungarian but Austrian folk dance too (we have a lot of people with Austrian roots here).
Exhibition • Prague

Accompanying Program/Lectures

Since 2018, the jury prize has been awarded to complement the traditional audience prize. The three most successful realisations are selected by a jury of artists, theoreticians and curators, who also participate in the accompanying programme.The aim of the accompanying programmes is to place the Rooms in a broader artistic context, to initiate a discussion about contemporary art and to critically reflect on the exhibition itself.The organised lectures continue the themes that are linked to the nature of the show and that resonate with the contemporary art scene. In doing so, they provide students with a reflection on their own experience of exhibiting, as well as offering them further education beyond the classroom. Lectures will be given in English.
Seminar/workshop • Prague

Community Engagement Goes Online 2

The main aim of the 2 Live ZOOM streamings will be to share key lessons learned, information on the used methodology of human/living library, interview several participants of the libraries, to discuss the topic of community engagement, to share good practices from the countries of the Visegrad and Western Balkans The live ZOOM streaming will be implemented by Mission: Reconnect with the close cooperation of all involved partners that will take part. The partners will reflect on their experiences, share their perception of using the tool of the human library. We plan to implement 2 Live ZOOM streaming. Each streaming will have 1 hour and will bring together 4 organizations (2 from Visegrad and 2 from Western Balkan). The streamings will be implemented through ZOOM and it will go directly to YouTube and Facebook.