Conference • Prague

V4 Remote Sensing Forum, Prague

FORUM will be held under the guarantee of the EaRSEL association (department of applicant in part of the EaRSEL research laboratories). Broad topics of the meeting: Land use land cover change in central Europe and its driving forces; Cross-border cooperation in detection of forest ecosystems changes; Using Earth Observation (EO) possibilities for detection of the changes; Multi-source various-scale EO data; Fusion of optical and active EO sensors in forest disturbances; Techniques of precise forest pest detection at the level of individual trees; Detection of infestation across large extents using satellite data;Long-term spatiotemporal dynamics of the pest infestation; Possibilities of prediction pest spread directions; Manual, semi-automatic, or automatic feature extraction tools for forest classification.
Conference • Katowice

Climate Humanities – University and School Education

Online conference organization. Aim: exchanging the research outcome regarding teachers’ training specifics in their countries perceived through the needs created by climate change and necessity of reforming humanities education. Indicating multitude of topic aspects and resulting differences. The research outcome are to be based on scientific grounds, education standards analysis, programs, syllabuses, schedules, etc.