Concert, Performance • Nis

Hip hop culture festival “Come to Amfi – Vol.8”

"Dođi na Amfi'" (Come to Amfi') is a festival established in 2012 through project "Know it, show it, share it". Main idea of this event was to promote intercultural dialogue through street art. Today "Dođi na Amfi'" (Come to Amfi') promotes street art through different topics, using different tools such as graffiti, break dance, hip hop music, photography, comics, basket 1vs1 and similar. This festival advocates for and promotes social values such as respect of human rights, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, combat against hate speech etc. Festival is non-profit and is organized on annual basis at the amphitheater at the river bank of Nisava, in Nis, Serbia. Organizer of this event is NGO Club for Youth Empowerment 018.
Seminar/workshop • Novi Sad

So keres Europa? Roma Youth Social Forum

The Roma Youth Social Forum takes the European Youth Capital as an opportunity to destroy negative images about Roma in Europe and to bring international attention to the raising antigypsyism. It will promote the importance of the recognition of challenging antigypsyism by education and by activities and initiatives lead by young people.
Film screening, Seminar/workshop • Peja

Anibar International Animation Festival

On August 2018, Anibar International Animation Festival will throw open its doors and welcome over 10,000 enthusiastic animators, artists and audiences to the 9th edition of the only animation festival in Kosovo. They will enjoy the screening of up to 300 animated films and different activities. They will experience seven nights of music concerts with bands from all around the region, four workshops, presentations, three masterclasses and most importantly four cinemas, from which two are located outdoors, and will have the opportunity to experience screenings from a boat in the Anibar Lake Cinema. Another cinema in the most bio diverse park in Kosovo, Peja’s big park. To add to the whole cinema experience two other indoor cinemas, one at the city cinema Jusuf Gervalla and the other in the city theater Istref Begolli.