The International Visegrad Fund is a donor organization established in 2000 by the governments of the Visegrad Group countries – Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The Fund follows the vision of President Vaclav Havel, President Lech Wałęsa and Prime Minister József Antall and supports regional cooperation of civil society organizations. That is possible thanks to Grants, Scholarships and Artists Residencies. We seek original approaches that help the region progress in seven main areas of Culture, Education, Innovation, Democratic Values, Public Policy, Environment and Tourism, and Social Development.

Our vision is a Central Europe with full understanding of its shared history and the necessity of mutual respect and cooperation towards a better future in the broader European context.

The Fund’s annual budget is 10 million € provided by equal contributions of the V4 governments. On ad hoc basis, the Fund also administers financial contributions from third countries dedicated to Visegrad+ projects.

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