Bee Friendly

Did you know that more than 80% of plants depends on pollination by bees and other insects? The honey bee is not the only pollinator. There are over 2,000 pollinating insects in Europe.

„Beefriendly“ is a project dedicated to the protection of bees. It was implemented by the city of Rzeszów in cooperation with partners from Nyíregyháza, Košice and Stropkov.

The main aim of the project was to increase people’s awareness of the protection of bees through organizing a conference and a media campaign. Local authorities from partner cities exchanged experience about bee protection methods during a conference. The theoretical part was enriched by practical workshops in local apiary.

More than 11 000 pupils and teachers from 59 schools participated in the lessons in all three involved countries. The project involved 29 schools, 5882 pupils and 506 teachers in Rzeszów,  1 school, 184 pupils and 11 teachers in Stropkov,  11 schools, 1183 pupils and 50 teachers in Košice and 18 schools, 3579 pupils and 98 teachers in Nyiregyháza.

The kids were very enthusiastic about the lessons conducted in schools, in particularly they enjoyed the practical lessons and direct meetings with beekeepers.

hanks to all the mentioned activities, the project improved the knowledge of V4 society about the protection of bees. The added value of the project lies in its message that we all can do some simple easy steps to protect the bees and our environment.