Building Bridges in V4 Young Glass Community

Leading glass and ceramics schools in V4 organize 3-days conference and a student competition to increase the involvement of young people in regional glass science and industry.

Visegrad region has always had a reputation for its glass industry. The organizing partners of this project considered essential to create new as well as to strengthen the existing ties between glass communities in the V4 countries, especially with regard to younger generation.

The seminar, conference and student competition organized within the project enabled 130 glass young researchers, students, artists and professionals to participate in the International Glass Symposium Rona 2017, providing an excellent opportunity to observe the work of well-known glass artists as well as tableware glass manufacturers.

The aim of the project was to show young participants the new trends in glass science and the glass manufacturing and engineering which offer great possibilities in terms of their future careers and extraordinary uses for glass.