Carbon-Free Economy: Best Practices between V4 and Ukraine

Carbon-free future at your fingertips! More than 150 students from Ukraine and V4 countries participated in the two scientific festivals to learn more about carbon-free economy and sustainable energy transformation. Now it is your turn!

The online scientific conferences provided students and young scientists from Ukraine and V4 countries with a knowledge base in EU green energy transformation. Participants explored various topics including: EU energy policy, decarbonization of the EU by 2050, carbon-free economy and green energy targets under sustainable development goals in V4 and Ukraine.

The “Carbon-Free Economy: Best Practices between V4 and Ukraine ” project aimed to establish a network for PhD students and young scientists to exchange knowledge on best practices used by European Union member states in achieving carbon neutrality.

A course was offered that explained how to achieve a carbon-free economy. Anyone interested could learn about the ideas and challenges involved. This knowledge can be further used to promote sustainable practices and contribute to positive environmental change in the world.

The project was implemented successfully despite the evacuation faced by the Grantee the Sumy State University in Ukraine. They maintained project momentum and ensured successful completion. A true demonstration of the dedication to their academic work and necessary project administration in the background.

The project was organised by the Sumy State University, in partnership with: Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary, The Pan-European University in Slovakia, The University of Entrepreneurship and Law in Czechia and Rzeszow University of Technology in Poland.