Citizen Science in the Carpathians: Building Capacities of Managers of Protected Areas

Thanks to implementing modern tools, this project deepened mutual understanding and respect among protected areas and inhabitants, which is crucial for establishing environment-friendly practices and sustainable societies.

The project presented the way how to use modern technology to boost locals´ interest in protected areas in the Carpathians. E-learning course on Citizen Science methodology serves as a valuable source of resources for protected areas managers, as well as for NGOs representatives and community leaders.

As part of the project, the group of researchers, children, citizens and wildlife enthusiasts came together to join the BioBlitz event called Meet the Carpathian Nature. This kind of event involves searching and identifying as many species as possible in a given location in a short period. Thanks to the public effort to registering the biodiversity of a place with the help of researchers, the BioBlitz event helps to bring people closer to the nature that surrounds them and makes practical observations for science and conservation. One hundred volunteers made nearly one thousand observations of common, endangered, and invasive species in twenty-four protected areas across the Carpathians.

“Citizen science” tackled conservation challenges by building scientific knowledge and by encouraging public action.

The networking and capacity-building project was implemented by the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, IDEAS Science Ltd. from Hungary, PRONATUR NGO from Slovakia and Ekopsychology Society from Poland.