Fostering Social Art Practices in V4

Project “Fostering Social Art Practices in V4” contributed to the capacity building of non-formal education and successfully fostered collaboration between professionals from the social, educational and artistic fields working with underprivileged youth in the V4 region.

Participating experts were participating in workshops, conference and a V4 Academy for Social Art Practices and speaking about their experience and methodologies while working with underprivileged groups with the tools of arts as well as the importance of psychological support, the usage of suitable pedagogical tools and their after effects when working with our target groups.

The Academy managed to foster social inclusion and empowerment amongst the V4 region’s disadvantaged youth, through the professional development of socially engaged art practitioners.

The Covid-19 pandemic proved that more practitioners are needed on the edge between art, education and social work in the V4 region and the project aimed at providing an opportunity to jointly solve educational problems of young people.

Through the project participants not only shared their experiences but also strengthened the network of for closer regional cooperation and created a Knowledge Base with the Toolkit being a part of it. Toolkit provides tools, possibilities and methodologies to re-integrate youngsters affected by digital exclusion in formal education.

Toolkit for the Social Art practitioners was created thanks to the project “Fostering Social Art Practices in Visegrad Countries” by our Hungarian grantee Pro Progressione and their partners – Studio Skit Foundation from Poland, Archa Theatre from Czechia and Záhrada cultural center from Slovakia. The goal of the project was strengthening the connection among the stakeholders of SAP (Social Art Practices) in the region.