Help Bats in V4

The main activities are dedicated to the education of children and the conservation of bat roost sites. Collaboration with schools, eco-centers as well as firefighters. And creating an educational bats` trail in Bratislava Forest Park, held a course for volunteer firefighters in Poland on how to remove bats from houses and revitalized roost places.

The project is supported repeatedly as the grantee always comes up with new activities. The core is the education of children about bats, creation of various educational materials and excursions that are very popular among public. Children were also painting bats models and exchanging them with their counterparts from abroad. This year`s new activity was training for Polish firefighters how to safely remove bat nests from houses and thus helping in conservation of bats. The public is also participating in the public research – people were watching bats emerging from their roosts and were collecting data on dedicated website.

It is very important to protect all species in our region and mainly after reconstruction boom in previous years when bat roosts were just destroyed and hundred of bats died. With a huge interest and involvement of public, the information of protection of bats is widely spreading which is the most important outcome of this project.