Migration in Central Europe and Beyond

Migration is a part of our everyday life. How media are reporting on the migrants and refugees’ shapes public opinion towards these groups of people and therefore deep and continuous education of young journalists in a such sensitive topic is very important.

Project titled “Migration in Central Europe and Beyond: Facts and Stories for Unslanted Journalism” helped to raise awareness of journalists and journalism students on the issue via series of national trainings, one international training, journalists´ fieldtrips and meetings with their counterparts from other V4 countries and Ukraine.
The main topic of the project was focused on more realistic media coverage of migration and integration in V4 countries. Project changed it`s scope after the Russian invasion to Ukraine as V4 countries faced the major influx of war refugees since second world war. In this context field trips to border crossings for students were organized. Students could see the humanitarian perspective of migration but also integration of the refugees. This was a real-life school for students of journalism as they could interview people during first weeks of the Russian aggression. Many of these students managed to publish their articles.