Railway Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development

Rail is an ecological, comfortable and safe means of transport, which plays a key role in the EU’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, within the framework of a new growth strategy – European Green Deal. 

Considering the situation in the fields of heritage and tourism, the main goal of the project was to raise awareness about the railway heritage value and importance in the diversification of tourism offer in the V4 + Vojvodina region. The project aimed to highlight the tourist potential of the railway and recall the role that rail has played in creating the Central European collective identity.

The RAIL4V4+V project was implemented by the Cultural studies platform CULTstore from Serbia, Aviscon Consulting and Services Ltd. from Hungary, Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague, Slovak University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and Design and Foundation for the Protection of Silesian Industrial Heritage from Poland.
Thanks to the interactive map, railway heritage enthusiasts can have a look at the railway heritage sites in the V4 and Vojvodina regions. They can get to know the history and nowadays of selected railway locations, through descriptions, photo galleries, and information about activities happening there.

As the final project outcome, the consortium published the book Railway heritage for sustainable tourism development which is designed as educational and promotional material. It consists of five complex research papers integrating recommendations and conclusions from seminars and a catalogue of 25 railway heritage sites from five partner countries, which create the RAIL4V4+V virtual route.