The talk: Increasing capacities in parents

Children are the one of the most vulnerable groups in the society. It is crucial for them to have a solid source of information and have healthy relationships as adults. The best way to share the knowledge is to have an open and honest discussion with the parents about absolutely any topic.

The project The talk: Increasing capacities in parents to talk about sex to children was implemented by the consortium of organizations from Czechia, Poland, and Slovakia. Aim of the proposal was to educate parents and increate their knowledge and communication skills helping them to create mutual trust and open dialog with children when talking about sex and other social topics related to it.

Increasing capacities in parents to talk about sex to children consists of almost 30 workshops which involved over 450 parents from all participating countries. Each workshop was conducted by experienced tutors and based on jointly created methodology. Participants of those meetings could ask questions, discuss their perspective, get the knowledge, and have an opportunity to use it in practice during workshops’ exercises.

The second important output of the initiative was creating the book which includes all information which parents may need while talking with the children. Also, topics presented in the book and discussed during workshops were summarized in the Brochure, available online for free as a helpful tool for any parent. “The mixture of parents of children of different ages and from different backgrounds enabled interesting and mutually enriching discussions. The participants also enjoyed the opportunity to share mutual experiences and obstacles. The relaxed atmosphere allowed them to feel understood.” – confirmed the project coordinator.

This project brought multidimensional effects. It was not only a diligently implemented proposal with diverse and practical outputs, but also a platform for sharing experience and a safe space for the discussion between parents. It was responding to a real need coming from the region and brought solution which could be easily used all around the world.