Training and integration of the mountain rescue services in Georgia

The ICAD Foundation initiated an intensive three-day Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training program for 30 Georgian rescuers, consisting of 17 dedicated volunteers and 13 emergency service personnel.

This comprehensive training was the first in Georgia to bring together volunteer rescue groups and professional rescuers under the guidance of top-notch trainers from GOPR Beskydy and Medyk Rescue Team (PL), Mountain Rescue Service Jizera Mountains (CZ) and Mountain Rescue Service of Pieniny National Park (SK). The Mountain Rescuers Volunteers, including Mountain Rescuers Kazbegi, non-affiliated mountain rescuers, as well as mountain enthusiasts with medical experience teamed up with Emergency Rescuers 112 from the mountain area to receive initial medical training and hands-on training in TECC. This training not only enhanced their capabilities for daily operations but also equipped them to respond effectively to unforeseen events. What’s more, Georgian trainers from Mountain Rescue Georgia and Mountain Rescuers Kazbegi got to practice teaching TECC to others, ensuring a sustainable knowledge transfer within the community. This collaborative effort has fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among the group of mountain rescuers in Georgia, paving the way for a more integrated and effective response system in mountain rescue operations.

The integration of volunteer rescuers in Georgia, members of the 112 Rescue Groups, and the international mountain rescue environment has been significantly strengthened, marking a crucial step toward our goal of ensuring the safety of both rescuers and those in need. This initiative serves as a testament to the power of training, not only in transferring critical skills but also in forging a tight-knit mountain rescue community that transcends regional boundaries.