The V4 AbstrACTION aimed at activating children from the V4 countries through artistic activity: creation and reception of art. The important role was played by reference to the common cultural and artistic heritage. The leading organization built the project on the fact that film-making with the children and the exhibition have raised their awareness of the reception and creation of art.

The project was implemented with the full V4 consortium together with the Spanish organization. They delivered 12 workshops and as the outcome of these events, they created 12 animated short films. Also, they organized an exhibition on abstract art and experimental films in Wroclaw as well as online raising the competence of children to participate in culture and increasing awareness of V4 artistic heritage in abstract art. Thanks to the project, children learned new skills such as stop-motion animation and knowledge of art history. As another outcome of the project, they summarized their experience in the educational booklet for teachers and educators.

All project partners were involved and brought valuable solutions to the project. Based on the positive feedback from the project´s consortium, who evaluated the initiative as a unique opportunity for young people and a fantastic experience for exchanging ideas, they would like to cooperate in the future. This project differs from most artistic activities for children and emphasized preparing children for the reception of contemporary art and raising their competence in this area.

The realization of the project gave the leading organization the basis for the development of cooperation between project partners, development of common ideas for future joint artistic productions and assuming future implementation of their ideas, especially to develop the exhibition “V4 AbstrACTION” and present it in the V4 partner countries.