V4 STEM Camp for Girls

A 5-day summer camp promotes science, engineering, technology, IT and mathematics (STEM) as an attractive career option for girls in V4 region.

The program of the camp was centered around the idea of building a shared city of the future – a self-sufficient, zero emission smart city in which different cultures can live and work together, by using a mix of digital fabrication methods like 3D printers, laser cutters, microcontrollers or robots, and traditional tools like woodworking, vinyl cutting, sewing.

While building the city is a scientific and technological challenge which needs engineering skills and coordinated teamwork itself, the main goal of the camp was to make the participants understand that cities are primarily social structures, in which people and culture are the most important aspects of our shared living. The smart city of the future is designed to address these challenges with solutions created by the camp participants.

The camp encourages the girls from the Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian high schools to meet with women guests from different non-traditional professions and diverse backgrounds with the aim to provide career exploration opportunities, to experience STEM roles and occupations before selecting their university degree major.