Visegrad Young Film Days 2022 attractive for children

The Visegrad Young Film Days (VYFD) focus on audiovisual education and the strategic development of audiovisual education in the V4 countries. This theme of this year's edition is short audiovisual formats from art festival production to video clips, amateur production and online art. The project is a part of well-known Young Film Fest happening each year in Prague.

Small scale project by the Kruton from Czech Republic organization aimed on the promotion of audiovisual education in Visegrad countries. Consortium consisted of well known organizations from the film industry such as Boiler from Slovakia who organizes Visegrad Film Forum, National Film Institute of Hungary and New Horizons Association that is connected film industry with children.

There are gaps in the educational system in this film industry within the V4 and through this project the consortium is trying to improve the current state through workshops and masterclasses for professionals as well as public, mainly youth. This year the main aim was on short movies formats as videos on the Internet including amateur-made content by young generation. This part attracted biggest crowds among children as such content creativity is now on the rise.

This time, the expert program was joined by reputable experts from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. These experts could join the community of the organizers of young film festivals from the V4 region and could exchange their knowledge and views. As the organizers pointed out: „We were pleasantly surprised by a huge interest of the experts in film education in V4 countries and we consider their lectures and examples of best practices to be very effective and positive.“, and such initiative are more than welcome.