VisegRUN: Let’s Run for V4 Health & Integration

Did you know that More then 50% of population of V4 countries is overweight; about 25% is obese? At the same time, there is a huge percentage of highly processed food on a diet of the V4 nations. Considering V4 problems with obesity and inappropriate nutrition there is a need for initiatives to raise the lifestyle awareness in the V4 countries. The project goal is to advance V4 citizens’ physical activity & pro-healthy behaviour through developing joint V4 sports & health promotion initiative while contributing to regional and cross-border integration & cooperation.

The specific project goals were:
1) Growth of knowledge and awareness of healthy & active lifestyle as a determinant of V4 citizens’ well-being;
2) Growth of awareness of V4 sports & health promotion initiatives as tools for further V4 integration & cooperation;
3) Building sustainable regional arrangements in the context of joint sports & health promotion events;
4) Further development of good neighbouring relationships by engagement the V4 nations in joint sports & health activities.

To reach these goals, a cross-border race was conducted and a wide sport & health promotional campaign held. The project multiplied the effect of other sports & health V4 initiatives. With the start in Mnisek nad Popradom (SK) and finish in Krynica Zdrój (PL), the race took 35km with more than 1,000 runners!

The Cross-Border Project was implemented by Running Festival Foundation (RFF) from Poland in cooperation with Slovak Mnisek nad Popradom Municipality.