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Družba Drama Studio

Soblahovská 1508/4
91101 Trencin


Družba Drama Studio is a space for live art, presenting contemporary artistic work and unique original projects by Slovak and international artists and performers. In Družba Drama Studio we have the ambition to bring together the creative paths of theatre artists, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and visual artists. It is a unique theatre, studio and studio-type space in Trencin with a capacity of 60-100 spectators, depending on the layout and layout possibilities. Družba Drama Studio has professional sound, lighting and audiovisual equipment.
If you are interested in renting or touring Družba Drama Studio, please email us at info@klubluc.sk

Residency at Družba Drama Studio
We also offer artists unique creative sub-tenancies for the creation of new projects. We provide high-quality technical and production facilities, but most importantly ample time for continuous rehearsal and exploration of artistic form in the form of block residencies. If you are interested, please write to info@klubluc.sk

A floor plan of Družba Drama Studio can be found HERE.

Photo and video: https://www.klubluc.sk/divadlo/druzba-drama-studio/