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Farmstudio – art and culture center

Vysoka 26


Farmstudio is an independent cultural and art centre located approximately 50 km from Prague, in a beautiful area of the Kokorin natural reserve. The venue – an old farmhouse from the early 19th century, consists of five objects under a long-term reconstruction. The HOUSE has two large dormitories, bathroom, kitchen and a common lounge. The GALLERY and the ATELIER are multifunctional buildings (without central heating) used during the season. Next two buildings are the open spaces surrounded by stone walls, providing the unique atmosphere of the ancient barns. In the centre of the venue, there is a grassy area of about 2500 square meters.

Farmstudio provides the opportunity to use its various workspaces for concentration, work and relaxation. It is possible to borrow the bicycle to explore the surroundings. The capacity of the rooms is about 15 beds, the recommended maximum occupancy is about 300 people during the events.