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IP Studio

Ruska 46A, 401.3, 4th floor, 50-079 Wrocław, Poland



+48 693345466 | identityproblemgroup@gmail.com  | fb: https://www.facebook.com/studioIPgroup

IP Group’s focus is immersive art based on sound and vision & performing arts using technological solutions.

Suitable for:
media art installations
sound-based installations
performing arts and dance
workshops / trainings / rehearsals
photography / Movie Shooting Atelier
visual art workshops / Outdoor Atelier / New Technologies and Medias research
long or short terms residencies

Technical parameters:

– main workshop/exhibition space of 7m x 13m x 3.5m (w/d/h)
– acoustic system on the ceiling
– access to 3 windows or completely darken space (special system to cover 3 windows on one side)
– wi-fi connection
– basic sound system
– video beamer
– photographic screens
– photographic lights
– located in artistic hub on Ruska 46 (with courtyard, more info: https://ruska46.pl/en/)

Accommodation provided:

One room, 15m2, can be adapted for accommodation during the residency (1 person or couple)