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J. Opletala 842
Ceske Budejovice
37005 Czech republic


Our space is an industrial building with three floors. When you come in you have one floor in front of you (6x12m) simultaneously with the ground and on the left side, you have another floor (6,5x12m) which is around 2,40m above the ground. The upper one is the main dance floor, the bottom one can be used for a circus, because the ceiling is around 9m high and up there are strong traverses where things can be hanged. So we have dance floor (6,5x12m) and possibilities for a circus. What we don’t have is technical equipment like lights. But the sound we have. We are totally ok with pets or children and accommodation we usually do via Airbnb so residents can cook in the kitchen and save some money. If you are not a fan of cooking, so of course there are many good restaurants in Ceske Budejovice (also raw, vegan, vegetarian…). As you can see in photos, we are still reconstructing, but when you come everything will be ready already! You are very welcome to work on your project in our space!

We prefer if you come between spring and autumn, because to heat this hall is very expensive. If you wouldn’t have any other option than come in the winter, so then you have to pay by your own the extra cost of energies, but that is all on the agreement.