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Olomouc Museum of Art (Muzeum umění Olomouc)

Denisova 47, 771 11 Olomouc, Czech Republic



Contact person: Mgr. Martina Mertová | +420 777 576 087 | mertova@muo.cz

Web of SEFO Triennial 2024:

Olomouc Museum of Art offeres active participation at the SEFO Triennial 2024 – The Triennial of Contemporary Central European Culture as a part of the programme of the Central European Forum (SEFO). The result is an artistic output in the museum’s exhibition spaces, which is preceded by an exploration of Olomouc according to a given theme and implementation.

The second edition of the SEFO Triennial is titled MOMENTS. They represent unstable points on the timeline, allowing for the exploration and comparison of experiences, long processes and critical turning points. The Triennial and the invited artists will work with moments when we touch our own history and memory, and when we construct their image through art and architecture. To the addressed visual artists, designers or architects we offer a Monument – Document – Mockument axis of thought, which makes the sought moments easier to grasp. MONUMENTS in the Triennial concept represent the supposed certainties of the past and the present. Imagining monuments, memorials and entire protected complexes as products of social agreements or historical constructs, we examine objects worthy and unworthy of protection, tangible and intangible, materialized memory and the care or lack thereof. The tools we use to systematize the knowledge of memory are covered by the term DOCUMENT. The tool of experiment is the MOCKUMENT, which introduces mystification or irony into the interpretive processes, challenging myths based on the reality of previously unambiguous facts.

Date: The residency will take place before the actual start of the SEFO Triennial 2024 (25 June 2024-30 December 2024); it means from autumn 2023 to spring 2024.

Suitable for: visual artists, design, architecture, new media or mixed media

Some information about what kinds of projects you would welcome: Reflecting on the outlined issues, we expect outputs for the traditional representative exhibition spaces of the Museum with an ideological or real connection to the exteriors of the Museum or the public space of Olomouc. The artist can start from his/her existing work and develop his/her own concepts of thinking during the residency in a direction pursuing the objectives of the Triennial.

To give an idea, here is a link to the first SEFO Triennial 2021

Technical parameters of the space: Depending on the type and complexity of the artistic output, the museum will provide adequate spaces for the creative work. Original medium-scale projects can be designed for both interior and exterior spaces.

Accommodation facilities for residents: The institution can recommend or arrange accommodation in one of Olomouc’s smart hotels, etc.