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Petrohradská kolektiv z.s.

Petrohradská 438/13
Prague 10 - Vršovice
101 00


Petrohradská kolektiv
is a cultural venue located in the building of an old chocolate factory in Prague, Czech Rep. Their aim is to support emerging artists working in disciplines of fine art, visual, audio and performance art, photography, illustration, design, and literature. The residency is an opportunity for independent, self-­led professional development, artistic exchange, networking, and experimentation.

The apartment
Our residential apartment is composed of a shared hall, kitchen, a bathroom and three individual non-shared rooms, each with two beds. You will get one of these rooms for your accommodation throughout the residency. The other rooms of the apartment are being used for local artists, djs and other residents, so please understand that other people will be using the apartment.
As mentioned in the A-I-R agreement form, you are to keep the apartment tidy and clean, mainly the shared spaces. Clean the kitchen after usage, wash used dishes and restrain from keeping your things around the shared spaces. If necessary, we can provide sanitation tools to clean the shared spaces. You can use the washer and the drier in the location to wash and dry your clothes. We also ask you to turn off the lights in the room you aren’t currently occupying.
We will arrange for toilet paper and washing the sheets.

The studio
The studio is at your disposal 24/7 unless it is required by the managers for some exceptional activity, of which we will inform you with enough time. Feel free to work until late hours, but keep in mind that loud music, hammering and other loud activities must be avoided between 22h and 7h. Many artists find it helpful to make a timeline or outline a schedule for their project before getting started. Let us know if you need any assistance with that.

Health and safety
We will provide an environment following appropriate health and safety guidelines according to the law of Czech republic. We can not, however, bear responsibility for the resident and their belongings. It is important that you arrange to have necessary insurances for travel and health. Having read the agreement, you also understand that it’s important for us to know of any health risks and/or addiction problems you might be dealing with it. This is only for fairness in dealing and precautions we can arrange.
Understand that placing your belongings anywhere outside of your studio and apartment is at your own risk. Although we can not bear full responsibility, we can guarantee a level of security and safety within the apartment and the studio. The Petrohradská building is inaccessible without a set of keys, and an alarm is being set every night for certain spaces of the location. It still is an active environment, with people going in and out every day.

should have at least a moderate level of spoken English and should feel comfortable engaging in artistic discussions in English. It is important that all applicants research Petrohradská kolektiv thoroughly before submitting their application, so as to be fully aware of the context which they would, if successful, be entering.

You’re free to have visits to your apartment or the studio to a maximum of 2 people at the time. Any higher number of people has to be reported to our staff beforehand.

Trash disposal
There is a trash disposal bin in the yard, that can be found at the 5th page, Getting around Petrohradská, as location 9 on the map. We also recycle, so please keep only common trash in the main, black bin. Place plastics and paper inside of bags or boxes next to the main bin.

The workshop space
will be accessible to you at any time, but you can only borrow tools from the workshop for the day. If you’re interested in borrowing tools overnight, for a longer period than 24 hours, make sure to inform our staff. The coworking space is accessible any time of day, but as it is a shared space, we would like you to keep your work time there dedicated solely to work on a computer. We can arrange for you to use our photo-studio if discussed beforehand and only if one of our staff is currently present.

Petrohradská is located in an old chocolate factory, with over 28 studios, a multifunctional hall used mainly for concerts and performances, and a small gallery space. It is easily accessible by public transportation at all times, as it is located in the neighborhood of Vršovice in the wider center or Prague.