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Wallenstein’s Imaginarium

Sedličky 4


We manage baroque historical monument Vallenstein‘s Loggia nearby town Jičín. We offer two rooms for a residency: one is a small workshop room with size 6×4 m and the second one is an octagonal room named OKTOGON – it is unique baroque hall with size 8 x 6,5 m. This hall is in original unrestored condition.

For the residents we can offer shared bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. Accommodation is possible in the pensions around the Loggia.

Technical Information: sound: mix, 2 x active box, light: 4 x mic, lights: 1x Dimmer 12 circuits (1 = 1KW), analog. 12-circuit counter, 4x FHR PC 1KW, 2x PAR 64 1KW CP62, 10x PINSPOT 50W