Conference, Seminar/workshop • Bratislava

Final Project Meeting

A month before the foreseen end of the project, the partners will gather to evaluate the impact of the project and prepare the final report. The final project meeting will take 2 full days, starting at noon on the first day, and ending at noon on the third day, to allow time for travel. The use of the created material, website, and social media accounts for the time after the end of the project will be discussed and agreed, in order to maintain the established communication, and exploit fully all the outcomes of the project.
Research/survey/data collection • Český Těšín

Musical Therapeutic Workshops part IV

Workshop for seniors and their medical assistance from PL, CZ, SK Integration, therapeutic workshop, responding to the health needs of seniors. Depending on the possibilities of the residents of individual Homes of Peaceful Old Age, the workshops will be organized in external locations adapted to the disabled or in the Old Age Homes.