Exhibition, Performance • Novi Sad


The exhibition will be held in the premises of Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and on several locations in the streets of Novi Sad. It will present the sound installations and the participants of the workshop will play specially composed pieces for this occasion on these instruments-installations. In the premises of the gallery space we will also present the photo gallery (projected on the wall) which will show different phases of the project done so far. The idea is to organise the exhibition in two parts: one in a gallery so we can more easily reach artist community, the representatives of cultural institutions, media and local authorities and the other will be a performance in the open public space (several locations in the city) to attract the local public and showpiece our sound installations in the very space of the city and the effect they have on the passers-by and the surroundings. https://www.facebook.com/fromnoisetosound/
Industry Dinner • Ústí nad Labem

Film Inn Dinner

A meeting of jurors, film professionals, Film Inn instructors, and nominated filmmakers. An informal meeting including a dinner prepared by the festival director who will create an original homey festival atmosphere before their eyes. https://elbedock.cz/en/news/film-inn-dinner/
Seminar/workshop, Study trip/excursion • Warsaw

Training in AD techniques (part 2) and studio visit . Warsaw

Continuation of the previous training take place in Warsaw. There are 5 training days planned. Classes, as in part one, will be conducted by experts from V4 countries . During the training, participants will work together to develop AD for movies. One day is a workshop on the use of 3D printing in making the culture accessible to the blind. There will be also organized visit and meeting with employees of STUDIO theatre in Warsaw, which regularly shows plays with AD and visit in Warsaw Uprising Museum - one of the best polish adapted museum for the blind. Experts are from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia Participants are from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia