Training • Liptovský Mikuláš


The output will be a 3-day workshop for routesetters, coaches, young climbers and public climbers. The programme will help with knowledge share for specialists in routesetting. We will make sure to have a part devoted to climbing sessions for public as well as for professional youth and their coaches. We will try to present the sport climbing to public by an easy workshop for beginners and also a professional exhibition training. We wish to meet objectives: presentation of the sport to public, bring knowledge to professionals in the sport via world class routesetters who will also train the V4 ones in order to higher the level of V4 routesetting in sport climbing. And we seek for knowledge share among athletes and coaches as well.
Conference, Lecture • Mitrovica

Webinar “Implementation of CMS and STEM principles in education system”

The webinar will be organized online. The main organizer of the webinar is the University of Mitrovica. Teaching and non-teaching staff from Western Balkans Higher Education Institutions and V4 Higher Education Institutions will participate. Through the webinar, students, teaching and non-teaching staff of Higher Education Institutions will be introduced to the capacities and state of the partner institutions and thus create space for a way that will enable the implementation of STEM principles in education as well as the CMS system. The conclusions from the webinar will be included in the final publication of the project
Seminar/workshop • Budapest

Fit here, healthy there, let’s do it together

Day 1- School visit, meeting the head teacher, participating in lessons. Walking tour on the Pest side of the city; photo competition (part 1), games to encourage communication, cooperation and group cohesion at school. Day 2 - Workshop on the top 10 healthy French foods in the French Institute. Discovering hidden but suitable places for sport activities on the Buda side guided in French by students. Let's move: Margaret Island: sport activities, swimming pool (optional). Day 3 - Zoo and the City park observation/survey on healthy life style of people with the help of a questionnaire realised by the students. Afternoon: traditional bakery workshop / the know-how of healthy eating - choice of interesting recipes by students. Day 4 Hiking and treasure hunt in the Buda Mountains; photo competition (part 2) Evening - International event, multilingual quiz, folk dance