Seminar/workshop, Public debate • Košice

Local Food Labs Slovakia

While the Food Policy Meetings held focus on the disconnects between policy areas, a complementary series of 'Food Labs' will zoom in on specific city-regions to see how efforts to build sustainable food systems locally are affected by policies and imperatives at different levels. Local labs will be co-convened by each partner organisation it own region. While all 'local labs' will involve reflections on multi- level governance of a 'Common Food Policy', they will feed into, support and take place within existing processes/fora for developing local food policies. They will typically involve around 50 participants, including young people (especially young people from marginalized groups), school representatives, local level policymakers, representatives of food related sectors, members of research institutions, members of local sustainable food, circular economy and transition initiatives (e.g. producers, consumers and retailers), those responsible for institutional procurement (e.g. schools, hospitals), and urban and regional planners. The labs will also seek to engage regional level actors (e.g. regional government representatives, regional farm unions, civil society coalitions, regional agriculture agencies) in order to connect the opportunities and challenges at different levels. More specifically, the Food Labs will be structured around the following objectives: " Supporting efforts to build sustainable food systems at the local and regional level, by bringing together different strands of local food policy activity (e.g. city administration-led processes and civil society or research-led fora) where there is scope for greater cohesion and mutual information-sharing; bringing the voices of cities into the debate on the future of food and farming systems across Visegrad group countries, and raising the profile of 'city-regions' as a locus of food system transition; " Understanding how imperatives at the EU and national level (including implementation of EU policies) help or hinder efforts to build sustainable local/territorial food systems; stimulating local actors to think about and engage with the opportunities and blockages that result from EU-level policies; " Providing a space for dialogue and alliance-building between those advocating for food systems reform from various entry points (health, environment, etc), and at various levels: local, regional, national and European. The concrete dates and places will be confirmed.
Public debate • Bratislava

Meetings and Open Discussions with Invited Experts (III)

Meeting will be devoted to different examples of entrepreneurship in various sectors (creating products, services, new technologies,). We will invite experts, representatives of local authorities, hubs, business incubators, advisory and mentoring organizations to the meeting. We will invite two entrepreneurs taking part in project case study to contribute to the meeting as "project ambassadors". During the meeting, an open moderated discussion will be organized on one of the key topics, which will be chosen in cooperation with the partner.