Conference, Seminar/workshop • Bratislava

Psychedelic lessons 2019

3rd roundtable presenting key concept developed in 2 previous meeting and after a continual online debate. Pre-conference meeting open for the very last opportunity for feedback and additional changes from a broader spectrum of professionals from Europe and US. This final concept and vision for the training of professionals will be presented at SAPAS conference Psychedelic lessons 2019 The conference dedicated to integration, psycare and mental health
Conference • Prague

Event in Czech Republic

Another event will be held in Prague. This event will be organized in cooperation with the project’s Czech partner organization. The main goal of this event will be highlight the 70th anniversary of NATO. Additionally, the event will focus on the 20th anniversary of the ascension of the Czech Republic to the Alliance.
Seminar/workshop, Study trip/excursion • Sokolnice

Eco-Summit – Sokolnice

The summit will be attended by students from eco-trainings from partner towns. Training and worksops are planned including outdoor workshops. The group of partner cities will have 15 students and 2 teachers. In this way, each student of local eco-training will participate in 2 summits during the project and logistic problems in small towns will be avoided. Guests will have accomodation secured by local students in their homes. Workshops and trainings will take place in local school with participation of experts. There will be outdoor workshops when students will have oportunity to visit essential places which were mentioned in eco-ideas. Summit will be oportunity to strengthen cooperation and for guests to understand problems and solutions (eco-ideas) that hosts will be proposing. Guests - 51 (45 students, 6 teachers) Hosts - 33 (30 students, 3 teachers)