Study trip/excursion • Budapest (district XVII. Rákoskeresztúr)

Excursions in the field (Vénic)

This event (3rd) will be held in a close-to nature part of ("green-zone") periphery of Budapest, near at Rákos-brook. The place is a middle-size artificial pond, called "Kocka". This field course will be very special for children too. Aim: We will show such bat species like Nyctalus noctula which was originally a forest-dwelling species, however, it lives in the city as a house-dwelling species now. In connection with this, we describe and emphasize the importance of preserving the homes of forest-dwelling species. In addition, we also say a few words about artificial help, what can we do to make some new home (bat-box) for bats. Place, EOV (N, E): 238068, 664505
Training • Cieszyn

On-line Training on Working with People Struggling with Dementia

"Innovation in education and care in illness Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia" training
Presentation • Cieszyn

Public Presentation of Workshop Results and Evaluation Day

Public presentation of furniture made during the workshop—participants and residents of Cieszyn.