Public debate • Szczecin

Online Focus Group creation and panel discussion

The panel discussion will be used to present the first partial results of the questionnaire survey, to compare the results with the opinions of experts in the field and to formulate proposals for further evaluation of the results and recommendations for practice.
International art therapy workshop • Třinec

International art therapy workshop in Třinec

International artteraphy workshop in Třinec will be organized by project partner Special primary school in Trinec. It will be for children from 3 specialised schools from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The meeting will be artteraphy workshop for 30 handicapped children from PL, SK, CZ partner schools. It will be used specialised art therapists for children to know some new and teachers and therapists from partners schools will learn too. The workshop will be focused on music and fine art. The topics of the workshops will relate to Christmas.
Seminar/workshop • Bialystok

Producers Workshop and Masterclass at IFF Zubroffka

This workshop is a continuation of the Producer's Workshop and Masterclass at the ELBE DOCK IFF. Two projects from the ELBE DOCK festival were selected by the lecturers of the original workshop and the dramaturgs of the ELBE DOCK IFF. After the ELBE DOCK workshop, the two projects were consulted with the tutors. After two months, a producer workshop and masterclass with a tutor will take place at the Zubroffka festival, focusing on SALES, presentation and promotion of the films. At the end of the FILM INN project, the students' film projects will be completed. These projects will receive a wild card and will be presented at the ELBE DOCK festival in the following year(s) depending on the completion date and festival strategy.