Conference • Novi Sad

Circular Economy and Environmental Labelling

Circular Economy and Environmental Labelling intends to be a scientific and professional forum for researchers and engineers to present and discuss recent innovations and new approaches in the fields of circular economy and environmental labelling. A virtual/on-line conference should be organized during the project. The idea of a virtual conference is opening the space for all interested parties to submit papers without traveling to the place of a conference. Poland should organize one conference in the national language (the conference communication is in Polish and English). The papers submitted to the conference in the national language or in English should be used by project partners to develop e-learning materials in mother language and English materials for the pilot course. The conference should also give a chance to attract the attention of all interest groups in every country who can introduce two kinds of valuable input: publications (e.g. research papers, case studies from businesses that maintain some environmental labels and non-profit organizations) and questionnaire responses. The realized researches (questionnaires will be sent along with the conference invitations) should inform on the business, social, NGOs, scientific, public administration requirements in case of the environmental labelling both in VG countries and in Serbia. This will be helpful in the creation of joint research articles for journals with international impact. The conference language is Serbian and English. Considering the pandemic with COVID-19 virus, the conference will be organized on-line.
Seminar/workshop • Prague

IBSE Methodology Workshop

On-line workshop IBSE methodology for teachers, from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which will take place in the Czech language, which will be led by experts on IBSE education from the Czech Republic. The workshop is scheduled for 4 school hours
Seminar/workshop • Bratislava

Expert Round Table

One-day-round table on new trends in THB will be organized in Bratislava. The purpose of the round table will be to: Provide professionals working in the field of prevention of human trafficking with opportunity to present their activities in this area and find potential synergies; Provide professionals with an opportunity to learn about new trends in THB, especially about ethical shopping; Provide a basis for update of the training manual, especially in terms of ethical shopping; Provide professionals with an opportunity to discuss how Brexit might affect their work with vulnerable populations, or with victims of trafficking; Provide networking options