Seminar/workshop • Prague

Digital and Personal Safety Workshop with Award-Winning Investigative Journalist Stevan Dojcinovic

This workshop will examine actions that can put journalists and their sources at risk and how to avoid them; which applications and programs are safe to use for communication and encrypting files; and how to increase security when interviewing and reporting on dangerous people. Participants will learn how to use selected programs and apps and will exchange encrypted messages with the trainer and fellow participants. They also will gain knowledge about planning secure meetings. The workshop will be lead by award-winning investigative journalist Stevan Dojcinovic of KRIK and OCCRP.
Conference • Belgrade

FINIZ 2020 Seminar

The first meeting presenting the tax avoidance phenomenon to the target groups. During the seminar / conference researchers will present the topic “Tax avoidance and social responsibility. Political Power Theory / Political Cost Theory in V4 countries”. All Serbian participants will be able to learn about the experiences of V4 countries under Political Power Theory or Political Cost Theory. Based on conducted research, we will identify potentially privileged companies in terms of tax burden, as well as socially responsible ones. The output of this event will be a closer cooperation with target groups from Serbia and explanation research question No. 1 and 2 and specific objectives 1, 2, and 3.
Conference • 943 53 Belá-Belá

Château Béla 2020 Central European Strategic Forum

Château Béla Central European Strategic Forum is an exclusive conference that annually brings together high-profile political figures and experts from the Visegrad region, Europe and the United States. In this way, the Forum ensures relevant discussions on the current and future disruptions facing Central Europe and the world. The Forum keeps intimate format with limited number or representatives invited to encourage and allow lively, interactive, and substantive debates, ensuring an open-minded and intensive intellectual exchange among all participants. Forum guests are expected to contribute to policymaking and policy-shaping in Central Europe and beyond which will then be outlined in the Top Takeaways report. Château Béla brings together leading political representatives, key decision makers, experts from influential think tanks and academia who significantly contribute to developments in international affairs. The limited number of participants stimulates open conversations and helps to build long-lasting relationships between guests. Over the years, the list of participants has included Miroslav Lajčák, Gen. John Allen, Anne Applebaum, Radek Sikorski, Sec. Michael Chertoff, Martina Larkin, Laura Rosenberger, Amb. Alexander Vershbow, Réka Szemerkényi, Damon Wilson, Philippe Étienne, Amb. Kurt Volker and many others. The 2020 event will provide a regional perspective on several challenges shaping the political and security agenda way beyond Europe. The world of today experiences major disruptions of the traditional paradigms of international politics in many fronts. After a prolonged period of economic prosperity, Central and Eastern Europe will seek to identify the consequences of the impending slowdown to determine responses to prevent their intensification.