Exhibition • Cieszyn

Exhibition “Graduation Projects 2018” in Cieszyn

The exhibition in Cieszyn presenting the best diploma projects of design schools and universities from the V4 region. 30 the best projects in two categories: product and graphic design). it will be grat oportunity to present design potential from V4 region. https://www.graduationprojects.eu/news/83
Conference, Public debate • Warszaw

Food Policy Meeting: Alternative Food Systems in the V4

Which regulatory and policy frameworks can best support local-level initiatives towards sustainable food systems in the form of short supply chains or other alternative systems? Are alternative food systems accessible and affordable to a majority of producers and consumers, and what complementary tools might be needed to bring the benefits of these alternatives to a wider range of food system actors? Is it possible for Urban griculture to work in our cities? (Food Policy Meeting at the heart of this process will host 25-30 people, including scientists, policymakers, civil society and food and farming sector actors, to engage in 3-hour round-table discussions. Each Lab will be focused on a key nexus in food systems, i.e. the focal points where various policy imperatives, regulations, incentives and trends converge to shape our food systems. As such, the Labs are designed to bridge policy areas and constituencies that are typically kept apart (e.g. agriculture and nutrition, trade and environment). The discussions will take place under Chatham House rules, allowing for open dialogue and for common ground to be sought between different positions.) Exact date will be confirmed. www.v4betterfood.eu
Presentation • Cieszyn

Pecha Kucha—Presentation of Winning Graduation Projects

Pecha Kucha's meeting will take place after the opening of the exhibition in Cieszyn. All authors of the winning entries will be invited to this action. During Pecha Kucha graduates will present their projects to a wide audience in Cieszyn. After the presentations, the audience will vote for the best project in two categories: graphic design and product. https://www.graduationprojects.eu/news/83