Performance • Gorzanów

Polish premiere of the play : Home beyond the borders

The theatre workshop, premiere of the performance "Home beyond the borders?" and the post show talk will contribute to the project objective, which is building a common identity, deepening mutual understanding adn intercultural dialog.The theatre workshop is an educational activity with youths from the region, and will explore the topic of Home on the example of the book "House of Day House Of Night" written by Nobel Laureate Olga Tokarczuk.The premiere will present also the rich architecture heritage, which is part of local identity. Participants of the workshop will be invited for the premiere of the show and to to take part in post show discussion. The after show discussion will be focused on deepening the sense of house as a collective space, memory of space which now works as a cultural institution, supporting dialogue of Polish and Czech artists.
Seminar/workshop • Lučenec

Creative Workshops

Creative meetings for children and young people will produce traditional handicrafts products on different themes with the help of lecturers at creative workshops, with various reproductions of inspiration.
Concert, Performance • Plumlov

Premiere Baltasara P

Preparations to the premiere, promotion, distributions of promotion materials, close cooperation with partners, 3 days of general rehearsals and Premiere on Plumlov Castle at 30.07.2021. Premiere of the performance: promotion the common heritage of EU countries, international dialogue, and contribute to expanding knowledge about common culture and tradition.