Tournament • Hradec nad Svitavou

Basketball is a Challenge

There will be International basketball matches held either in school gym or in the stadium which is situated nearby.This sports event will be performed with the participation of MBA players.These matches should be attended by the local people, by the pupils' parents, the municipality representatives, etc.
Seminar/workshop • Batovce

Flim shooting, editing and presentation of experimental short films in Batovce(SK)

Continue the work on the "The house on the border" experimental films. Intensive work on the edge of film/tehater/music, a screening with performances at the end, making 5-7 new short films. Merging the new videos with the videos made in Budapest and Prague, creating a growing video library. At the end, a presentation with videos, installations and live music from the 15-21 videos. After the event publish the new videos online. The first part is private, the performance is public
Performance • Brno


This will be an artistic performance "You, dear Doctor, are my only rescue! / Jest Pan, Panie Doktorze, jedynym ratunkiem! / Vážený pane doktore, jste mojí jedinou záchranou" based on scholarly research of the histories of sexuality in the V4 region. The performance will be followed up by a discussion with the public