Performance, Seminar/workshop • Cracow

Forum Theatre Performance No. 2

Through the event, we intend to facilitate the target audience group reflection about the complexity of the immigration issue and social diversity. We intend that this reflection will strengthen or create in recipients attitudes of tolerance, respect and a sense of community. The Forum Theatre performance will be telling a story of an immigrant life in Cracow and his/her relations with other inhabitants of the city. At some point the story will be stopped and the audience will be invited to come into shoes of an immigrant character and try to intervene on hers/his behalf. The main strength of the method is that it engages the audience to take an action and try to experience the situation of the Others.
Seminar/workshop • Kutaisi

Internal Workshop to Plan Public Discussions in September/October 2020

Internal FS Workshop to prepare discussions at schools, public assembly spaces and universities with running candidates of respective voting district, Manual for procedure of workshops elaborated
Seminar/workshop • Yerevan

On-line Seminar (Module 1)

Online seminar #1.2 with an expert from V4. Presentation on Central European countries' policies and support to reforms in the Eastern Partnership region, followed by a Q&A session, will serve as an introduction to seminars on more specific policy issues planned for the modules 2–5.