Seminar/workshop • Cieszyn

International Sport and Physiotherpy Workshop

Educational and revalidational school centre in Cieszyn will organize sport day for handicapped children from all partenr specialised schools from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The workshop will have sport part that wil by very demanding for organization and for children too. Next part of the workshop will be physiotherapy for all children (about 60) with special therapists. For teacher there will presentation of shool and facilities.
Seminar/workshop • Komárom

Coordination Meeting and Training

The key members from the two organizations and leaders of the units which will participate in the exercise will have an interactive training about coordination during wildfires. The learning objectives of the units will be also defined which will be used for the preparation of the exercise. It will also serve as a great platform for the unit leaders to find common ground for the coordination of response activities which will be practiced during the exercise in field conditions. Getting familiar with each other's learning objectives will also support the development of recommendations related to standardized capacities for volunteer organizations.
Seminar/workshop • Wroclaw

Educational Workshop in Poland // On-line Version

1 of 10 educational one-day experience-based workshops for primary and high school pupils, based on 1989 theme. The workshop is lead by 2 trained experts. Approximately 30 pupils take part on one workshop. We are not able to tell yet in which cities the workshops will take place, this depends on the demand from the schools. Thanks to the workshops the pupils will have a chance to learn something from the history of their nation and key event of 1989. The workshops are based on a principle of drama and based on experience, which will contribute to not only learning about history, but also to understand it in the context.