Training • Yerevan


Training for 72-80 Mayors, Community Council members and municipal officials will be organized on the following topics: Smart and Innovative cities, Promoting the sustainable development of the communities, Challenges we are facing in urban areas (climate change impact and resilience), Best practices in Visegrad and Decentralization. It is crucial to provide capacity building activities for local stakeholders to prepare them for international cooperation relations, e.g. by improving municipalities` knowledge about EU policies to improve awareness about opportunities and challenges, as well as the understanding of European legislation. Lobbying and networking make it easier to apply for funds and influence decisions; local authorities networking should thus be facilitated by this project. Two invited experts will provide training in each group in a day (half of a working day in each group). Training for two groups will be organized each day. There will be 4 groups in total. Each group will consist of 18-20 participants (72-80 participants in total).
Seminar/workshop • Prague

V4—CARE-ARSEC On-line Workshop

14:00–17:00 Round table discussion by invitation with the representatives of the V4 Think Tanks. This debate will serve to showcase the work of GARI and the partner in the advancement of our research. In the beginning closed session we will be able to discuss the progress and introduce new aspects of our interaction, for example by suggesting additional partners, funding and use for the research. We will be bringing a representative from the other Visegrad countries. In the middle section will be opportunity to bring in key individuals who have an interest in our research and the GARI mission where we can discuss the opportunities to collaborate and the use of the data. Here we will invite key people from the political, economic, corporate and academic sector. Even if this is still by invitation, members of the press will be invited to cover the discussion to further develop the link that highlights GARI’s mission, bridging the gap between technology and social science.
Conference • Budapest

Conference (on-line)

presentation of the final report; invited experts; Due to unprecedented and uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to make our final conference summarizing the project—originally planned to be hosted in Budapest on 5. October 2020—completely online. This event will be organized by IWE and will present the results of the project Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries coordinated by the Vistula University, Warsaw.