Competition • Katowice


The stationary promotional and networking project meeting will take place in Katowice (Silesian Voivodeship) during the 8th Polish Nationwide Electronic Sports Congress. Representatives of all partner organizations involved in the project will participate in the meeting. The meeting will be aimed at discussing key issues regarding the final phase of the project and the exchange of knowledge of the gaming industry within the V4. The event will also be an opportunity to promote the project and the V4 in the gaming sector, whose representatives will participate in the industry congress taking place at that time. The day dates given above are indicative. The event will take place in June 2024.
Conference • Skopje

Regional Conference on Circular Future

Two-day Regional Conference in a hybrid format will be co-organized with Regional Cooperation Council and Open City Laboratory in Skopje, North Macedonia. Panellists, speakers, and guests would have several sessions and side events, including a panel discussion on the social and green economy, a fishbowl discussion: creating an enabling environment for social/green entrepreneurship – lessons from V4, world café policy dialogues: efficient policies and measures for social/green economy in Western Balkans, interactive networking sessions in the format of “speed dating”. There will also be inspirational stories of V4/WB6 green entrepreneurs and innovators using PechaKucha or other storytelling formats presented, in order to inspire and engage aspiring innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. The discussion spaces will focus on deepening the understanding of the green economy, innovation and green entrepreneurship and their potential for the WB region and Europe, as well as offer policy research and recommendations for the WB countries. We will pay special attention to the green measures taking place during the conference, using recyclable products, providing local food, and sustainable businesses. Preliminary topics for the conference include: 1.“Local production = regenerative production” 2.“Circular Supply Chains Are Solutions to Waste Management in the Region” 3.“Green Corporate social responsibility (CSR)” 4.“Private-public partnership building in Green Economy and Innovation System”
Seminar/workshop • Budapest

Food borne diseases-risks in food storage

During the workshop, most common food borne diseases and food safety regulations and standards will be presented. Knowledge about possible presence of food born microorganisms will allow better understanding and selection o packaging material which will secure microbiological safety of packed food. Training school " Food borne diseases-risks in food storage " will be held in Department of Medical Microbiology, Semmelweis University, for 3 days. Day 1: Lectures on introduction to food-borne diseases, microorganisms and food contamination, and understanding various microorganisms responsible for food contamination (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi). Day 2: practical exercises related to safe food handling, preparation, and storage, simulated outbreak investigation and response exercises. Day 3: Lecture on prevention and control strategies, food safety regulations and standards, foodborne outbreak investigation, emerging food safety challenges. Final presentation and certificate distribution.