Performance • Radzovce

Theatre Performance – Kármán theatre

Theatre autumn is a theatre festival with 28 years of living history. The main mission is the presentation of the work of amateur theatre groups from adults, young people and children. We would like to welcome you to the performance of the Kármán theatre.
Study trip/excursion • Gizałki

Study Tour in Poland

Study tour in Poland. It takes 2 nights with professional programmes and visiting renewable and energy friendly locations and spots.
Seminar/workshop • Prague

Launch of the Support Center and Program for Labour Migrants in Prague

Czech experts, who developed a support program, will conduct a seminar for representatives of 10 enterprises employing foreign workers in the Czech Repulic. This is included in the cost of expert services. The goal is to provide information about services of the Support Center and to encourage the enterprises to spread this information among their foreign workers.