Conference • Gori

Conference on ABL Communities’ Needs with the Emphasis on Local Administration and Regional Development

During the one-day Conference on ABL communities' needs the results of the field research will be presented to the 70 participants, who will be self-government representatives, local administration representatives, small businesses owners, NGOs/CSOs representatives, local journalists, and representatives of the central government, experts and representatives of the Georgian decision-making sphere. Representatives of the implementing consortium from the V4 countries will also be present to share their experience with the selected topics (regional development, micro-entrepreneurship, SMEs, renewable energy and green innovations, agrotourism, social entrepreneurship, and social agriculture). In addition, the conference will serve as a platform for the presentation of the results of field research - studies and will be a space for a final discussion on the recommendations and solutions from the perspective of local governments located along the ABL in Georgia. The result of the field research will be a study of the needs of ABL communities prepared in the form of recommendations for representatives of the decision-making sphere, which will identify 10 main problem areas and at least 5 recommended solutions for each area from the perspective of specific target groups - women and young people. Thus, a total of 50 recommendations for the decisive sphere, other donors or for further intervention. Field research will take place until almost the end of the project implementation period - it will also serve as feedback for measuring the progress of project implementation and how effective the activities have been and have had an effective impact. The conference is co-financed by the SlovakAid. This project proposal wishes to give it a V4 dimension to joint efforts.
Presentation, Seminar/workshop • Kőszeg

Visit to a Hungarian school

During a visit to Hungary, in Kőszeg, young people will have the opportunity to get to know each other. The groups will prepare presentations about both countries and integration activities will take place. During the visit, the Polish and Hungarian point of view regarding the subject of the project will be discussed. The figure of Svetlana Alexievich and her writing will be presented. During the theater workshops, a script of the performance (the final product of the exchange) will be developed as the result of a discussion about war. Additionally, getting to know local culture, museums and literary texts is planned as well as visits to Hungarian WWII memorial sites, in order to bring the subject closer. Naturally, the situation in Ukraine will be analyzed on an ongoing basis. It is also desirable to organize meetings with people who have experienced war, so that students can hear a direct account. All the activities are meant to help awaken the theatrical sensitivity.
Exhibition, Opening/launch • Prague

Accompanying program/Opening/Guided Tours/Networking

In addition to the exhibition will be prepared accompanying programme. The exhibition takes place over ten days in an empty house in the center of Prague. The official opening will take place the first day of the exhibition (11th November). On Saturday and Sunday will be organized exhibition guided tours. Saturday evening will belong to networking event (concert with small banquet). The main goal is create safe space to network, exchange and form friendships. By exhibiting and networking, the students experience the ability to realize a group project and meet their colleagues cross-culturally, which is beneficial for them in their future careers in the art world.