Seminar/workshop, Lecture • Marneuli

Public lectures – Workshops with young journalists and students

This activity engages young journalists and journalism students breaking into the field (with up to two years’ experience) or about to start their careers in the media, presenting the Euro-Atlantic integration issues in an accessible format. We will organize a one-day seminar for young journalists and journalism students, encouraging applicants from the regions, with the aim of raising awareness about Euro-Atlantic integration processes. The presentations will be interactive and focus primarily on the current state of Georgia-EU relations, its prospects, and its benefits for the country’s democratic development, as well as challenges posed by anti-Western disinformation and propaganda campaigns.
Presentation, Public debate • Warsaw

Presentation of Guide and Discussion in Warsaw

The aim of the presentation and discussion is to strengthen efforts in debunking labour migration myths regarding Ukrainian labour migrants in Poland. During the event, Polish and Ukrainian experts will present and discuss the guide “Myths and stereotypes about Ukrainian labour migration to V4 countries”. Polish partner organization will invite to the presentation at least 10 journalists who will represent popular media and at least 5 Experts, who provide legal advice to Ukrainian unemployed citizens. The presentation will last for 2 hours.
Conference, Presentation • Tuzla

OWEN B2B Summit Day 2

Solo presentations, panel discussion, and B2B luncheon, will be held in one venue through 1 hr sessions with 5 sessions for the entire one day program.