Seminar/workshop • Prague

Expert seminar no. 2: Czech Republic

Discussion-expert seminar: Deliberative Democracy in V4 – Challenges for Deliberative Democracy. + experience and development prospects of consultative forms of social involvement and forms of deliberative democracy in the Czech Republic. Sample meeting agenda: - brief presentation of the Institute for Politics and Society, - introduction of the peculiarities of civil society in the Czech Republic, - presentation of what forms of deliberative democracy are used in the Czech Republic, - discussion about the possibilities and potential of using the citizens' assembly in the Czech Republic, - developing recommendations for Czech local government authorities regarding the introduction of an innovative tool of deliberative democracy, which is the citizens' assembly, - discussion on the advisability of holding a transnational citizens' assembly in the Visegrad Group. Additionally: - Democratic Challenges in the Czech Republic - Elections and Disinformation - The Effects of Terrorism and Religion on Democracy - A representative from Demagog: Factchecking of Political Discussions - Accompanied visit to the Town Council - Accompanied visit to the Czech Parliament In order to provide reliable and credible knowledge, experts and practitioners working in the areas of social participation and consultation processes will be invited to participate in expert seminar. There will also be an opportunity to participate in the meeting for representatives of local civil society organizations operating in the field of civic participation and involvement. Venue: Institute for Politics and Society, Martinská 2, Prague.
Conference, Seminar/workshop • Bratislava

Conference „Education Projects for Ecology: Slovakia”

Organizing a hybrid conference in a partnering country and ich virtual space. Aim: exchanging the experiences gained in the field of pro-climate humanist education and diagnosing education needs resulting from the shift in humanist education profile. The participants of the conference are: researchers, humanities school teachers and humanities university students. The conference lasts 3 days: 1st day: an opening meeting at the Polish Institute in Bratislava; 2nd day: presenting the thesis, research outcome and hypothetical solutions; 3rd day: „best practice” discussion. The outcome is to be presented on the project’s platform.
International competition • Budapest

Final round of the International Economics Olympiad in Budapest, Hungary

Final round of the Economics Olympiad for the best students from all participating countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and China). All individual Economics Olympiads culminate in the International Economics Olympiad finals. This international event aims to choose the best students across all the countries and to strengthen the network built around the project. Apart from two parts of the competition, the program will also include workshops for students, a panel discussion, lectures of experts in economics and finance and other activities.