Focus Group • Tbilisi

EaP and V4 Focus Group Meeting

The three-hour online focus group meeting will be organized with EaP and V4 partners to evaluate the EaP SME Networking E-Platform and assess the needs of SMEs to foster their development. During the meeting, EaP Partners will invite one SME representative from each country to involve them into the discussion on the SME needs in their respective countries. During the first half of the Focus group meeting, partners from EaP and V4 countries will evaluate the SME Networking e-platform, discuss how to advance the services and networking activities the platform to become more successful and useful for the SMEs in the EaP countries, V4 countries will share their experiences and expertise. while the second half of the meeting will be dedicated to development od the educational services on the e-platforms, specifically the assessment of the SMEs skills gap to raise knowledge and capacity in various topics related to innovation and development of the SMEs in EaP region. Involvement of the partners to develop the services of the platform will be highly encouraged by SMEDC. V4 countries’ experience will be critical in this matter to share their expertise and come up with the recommendations to achieve the best educational and networking outcomes for SMEs, build their innovation and entrepreneurship skills and reach out the broader markets."event_action_history"%3A[%7B"extra_data"%3A""%2C"mechanism"%3A"unknown"%2C"surface"%3A"page"%7D%2C%7B"extra_data"%3A""%2C"mechanism"%3A"sur