Conference • online/Bratislava

The conference summarising the project

Organization of a conference summarizing the project. The conference will be organized online, in English and will last 2 days. The aim of the conference will be to collect and disseminate Lessons Learned. On the first day of the conference, presentations will be given by academics acting as Living Labs Coordinators and researchers who used the project for research purposes (completed and in progress). On the second day, students - Living Labs Leaders will share their experiences. Based on the presentations, an Lessons Learned report will be created presenting the case studies prepared by each project VSLL. Conference website:
Training • Belgrade

Training school for V4+WB research managers and training material on financial management of EU research and innovation projects

The training aims to enhance the hard and soft skills of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) (read target group part) responsible for handling budgeting and financial aspects of EU-funded research and innovation projects. The target group for the training is Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) including funding and legal advisors, finance managers, research support professionals,innovation managers, technology transfer professionals, professionals working on the interface of science (such as NCPs-) based in V4+WB countries.
Film screening, Public reading • Krakow

Documentary Screening and Roundtable Discussion in Krakow

The fourth documentary screening of the three-day project in August will take place in Krakow, Poland. The objective of the event is to celebrate, inspire, and promote the benefits of V4 collaboration, and to engage a new audience in a broader discussion on how poetry and performance arts are important for Poland and the wider region. Along with the film screening, the event will also feature a panel discussion where local community members can participate in a discussion on the function of poetry and performance arts in their community along with critical reflections on the previous project in August. The discussion will feature one representative of each collective, along with three local members of the community, and will last for roughly an hour.