Seminar/workshop • Tbilisi

Workshop on Beneficial Ownership Transparency Standards

As beneficial ownership transparency is quite a novel issue, an introductory workshop will be held with the participation of the representatives of civil society, business, government, academia and international community operating in Georgia to get their thoughts and experience in the field. This workshop will also help IDFI in adjusting methodology of the study to Georgian context. Also, during these workshops, participants will discuss major challenges, needs and opportunities in regards to beneficial ownership transparency standards in Georgia. This will foster multi-stakeholder discussion on the issue and lay the foundation for potential collaboration in the future.
Performance • Budapest

Local Implementation and Performance

Preparatory meetings with the group of youngsters; Local follow-up and research
Performance • Bratislava

Local Implementation and Performance

Follow-up meetings with youngsters talks about historical memory and politics in their family—how did the program interfere with the situation. Also a question about defining the level of their participation in the program