Sports event • Mníšek nad Popradom

The 2nd VisegRUN Race

The 2nd VisegRUN mountain race will be held in the cross-border area of SK and PL. The run’s course will lie on Polish and Slovak border areas. The VisegRUN will start in Mnisek nad Popradom (SK) and finisz in Krynica Zdrój (PL). The race’s circuit: Mníšek nad Popradom–Piwniczna–Łomnica–Wierchomla–Muszyna Złockie–Tunek–Krynica Zdrój.
Presentation • Tbilisi

Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram; Combination of banners, boosted posts and ads. Exact targeting to be elaborated during workshop with Notes from Poland.
Training • Bratislava

Training and Guiding in Slovakia

The country organisation selects 12 pre-seed or seed stage startups. The common denominator is that startups are looking for a VC round and have deep-tech core. The startups are given a set of preliminary online exercises (providing country partner), by which they will design their pre-investment offline documentation upon leading organisation (SHP) management guidance and supervision. Through this activity venture capital experts will diagnose deficits in startups' pre-investment approach. In the mid-term in Slovakia, the country partner organises one day meet-up/boot-camp with live pitching session for 12 startups with lectures of VCs and experts from other 3 countries. The country project partners select and appoints expert to participate in the meetup to train startups. Programm of meetups: key-note about the Czech VC/investment landscape by country organisation; speedy pitching (4 min) of startups (6 before lunch, 6 after); 6 short lectures (20 min each) followed by Q&A (10 min each) by foreign experts from the following topics upon startups preferences identified beforehand, i.e. pitch-deck audit, intellectual property protection, market analysts guidance, cap-table assessment, fundraising strategy, term-sheet and investment agreement structure + clauses, team-building, exit strategy. Every keynote lecture will be recorded to build the content for an online webinar library at the end of the project—as a legacy of the project and a tool for new generations of startups. Networking session held during lunch and after the session ends. To level up the networking density country partner should invite local investors’ community guest so that the inter-local relations between startups and venture insiders across 4 participating countries can foster. During the meetup pitches foreign VCs and experts will select the best 2 startups that will be trained and guided in 1 to 1 sessions. The promotional action in social media/ PR outreach of selected startups will be carried out by short-to-read articles and video testimonials of startups themselves, experts and the Project’s country partners. The promotion will cover development startups have made through the process as well as observations about V4 opportunities for high-tech startups and investors.