Presentation, Seminar/workshop • Prague

Final Workshop and Presentation of Results

Presentation of participants' projects, discussion, presentation of case study research.
Training • Vorokhta

Trainings for Rescuers and Mountain Guides in Ukraine

The educational and training sessions within the project will ensure the improvement of state and non-governmental rescue staff qualifications and development of the ability to participate effectively in joint responses to incurred risks. 5-days /4 nights duration will be organized for 18 Ukrainian, 4 Polish, 4 Slovakian, 4 Czech Republic rescuers and volunteers in Ukraine (Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk region). The trainings agenda: usage of the special rescue equipment/transport while conduction of the search-rescue actions; practical trainings in field (onside); direct experience and knowledge exchange; holding common activities and rescue actions in winter time; other issues.