Concert • Bratislava

Broadcast of the Concert

Following the concert, we will process the recordings and secure post-production (sound, visual effects, etc.) of the concert´s record. The final product will be broadcasted by Slovak RTVS during 2019 Christmas holidays. It will be also offered to national partners of RTVS in Poland and Czech Republic and the record of the concert will be played on summer cultural festivals/events in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.
Opening/launch • Cieszyn

Launch of Situation Silesia 2019

The launch of Situation Silesia 2019 publication dealing with the situation of Czech–Polish cooperation in Silesia in the field of contemporary fine arts with references to historical developments from 1989 to the Situation Silesia 2019 exhibition in the Czech Republic (Michal Coalmine in Ostrava) and the Poland (Wydział Artystyczny Uniwersytetu Śląskiego in Cieszynia).
Film screening, Seminar/workshop • Jindřichovice pod Smrkem

Final Evaluation Meeting

We would like to organize final evaluation meeting where all project participants (parents and children, educators, decision-makers) and all people who are interested in the topic can come. There will be also a screening of a film about free schools informal education methods and discussion—we have great experience and good feedback from parents with this from last project. We would like to give all representatives of project target groups possibility to share their feedback, impression and ideas. We would like to give open space for our children. We will create working groups of children, who will present to adults their ideas for future V4 projects. Project coordinators will take into consideration children ideas while writing continuation of project.