Seminar/workshop, Public debate • Budapest

Online seminar

Adam Tamus, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary: ”Measurement of dielectric response as a tool for insulation diagnosis and material characterisation” Jozef Kúdelčík, University of Žilina, Slovakia: “Acoustic and dielectric diagnostic of insulation materials” Invited experts will give lectures and discuss with students, researchers and firms in an on-line space on a selected topic related to the presented areas.
Seminar/workshop • Nitra

Orthoepy of West Slavonic Languages

The workshops will be focused on practical pronunciation exercises with native speakers – participated experts. The students can benefit from workshops by improving their skills in correct pronunciation of Czech, Polish and Slovak. Each student will be given the workbook “Orthoepy of West Slavonic Languages – practical exercises“. The workshops may strengthen awareness of language, regional and cultural closeness in all involved students. The workshops will be organized by participants for the students of all involved universities; there will be 2 workshops at each university, 1 workshop/6 hours. The timetable will be following: University of Warsaw – November 2019, University in Nitra – March 2020, University of Ostrava – May 2020.