Concert • Veľké Kapušany

Conference in Veľké Kapušany

With this conference event, we want to give the opportunity to the young people from two different communities and countries to gather together and start a deep reflection on spiritual topics. We will give them the occasion to listen and learn from our spiritual leaders, examples of engagement towards higher values. Additionally, the project seeks to demonstrate to the broader community, the communities of Central Europe, that Greek Catholics are living communities that have played a significant role in the region. In each of our countries, our sacred institutions have a crucial role to play in community building. Each partner is committed to the topic and has an excellent knowledge of their community's history and outstanding greats. They will present their country's recent history, martyrs and spiritual leaders who sacrificed their lives just because of their beliefs.
Seminar/workshop • Rivne

Creative Cluster and Culture Industries: Visegrad Group Experience

The workshop in Rivne will be dedicated to the development of the city's creative cluster and cultural industries. The experience of Zlin will be presented to Ukrainian participants. In Zlin, the cooperation of the university with the city led to the creation of the Zlin Creative Cluster. At the same time, the creative cluster has an impact not only on the development of the city or university but also on the whole region. Zlín Creative Cluster is set up as a voluntary association of organizations and individuals who are engaged in activities in the audiovisual field, design, architecture, and advertising, or they have to these activities important interests in common. The objective of the cluster is primarily: support for creative work in strengthening competitive advantages and image Zlin region based on smart specialization in creative industries based on a long tradition of audiovisual arts, design, architecture, and advertising in the Zlín Region. Experts from Tomas Bata University in Zlín (Jitka Alexová and Eva Gartnerová) and Zlin Creative Cluster (Petr Dubovský and Nikola Timkovičová) will share their experience in working with city and regional authorities to create and develop a creative cluster. Each expert will conduct 4 hours of classes - two hours of presentations and two hours of consultations and discussions with Ukrainian project participants.
Conference, Seminar/workshop • Prague


This consultation will be the first in-person meeting of all of the partners. The applicant – as the creator and experienced implementer of the project concept – wants the remaining partners to have innovative input and be able to make proportionate changes to the project concept. Witnessing how an InMotion session unfolds will allow the partners to familiarise with the concept, but also be active observers and constructive critics. This meeting will officially launch the project and begin the transnational dialogue within the partnership. Moreover, to further support regional cooperation while apart, the partners will hereby launch the “InMotion goes V4: online strategic communication platform”.