Green Promotion of you Project

In today´s stories, we are talking about how to plan project promotion in a more environmentally friendly way. Read on for our tips!

Do you usually keep the leaflets and brochures that you receive at events, or do you throw them away? And what about gift packages containing keychains, pens, and small notebooks with logos? How useful they are, really?

Leaflets can be great visual aids in some situations, but usually they can be easily replaced with digital tools or information boards at venues. Try to find another way – Limit the use of leaflets, brochures, and posters to a minimum. 

Keep your target group in mind. What is the best way to reach them? Where do they get their information? Reserve printed promotional materials for specific situations and groups who have limited access to the Internet. Otherwise, give preference to digital tools and online marketing strategies. They are easily accessible online!

When planning the visual identity of your project, design items that are durable and can be reused several times. Rather than items for specific events, create roll-ups, banners, and signs with long-term design and content. 

When selecting promotional gifts, give preference to quality over quantity. Instead of common items like USB flash drives, pens, keychains, and ordinary T-shirts, pick original, practical, and locally made products. Find alternatives that are made of sustainable materials, like natural materials without plastic or recyclable options. At the IVF, we prefer to commission local craftsman, small businesses, or social enterprises to produce the gifts we give our partners. For example, our old banners from 2015 were up-cycled by company Dorka bags, a small business in Košice, Slovakia, employing single mothers.

What was the most creative or useful gift that you have ever received at an event?