To receive a grant, a contract has to be concluded between you and the Fund. For preparing the contract, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on contractual conditions to fulfill such as providing us with a bank account for payment of the grant or creating the project website. (Read more about the project website in the Logo and Acknowledgement Manual). After you meet all contractual conditions, you will receive two copies of the contract that you need to sign. Upon returning one copy to us, we will authorize the first payment of your grant to the bank account as set in the contract.
The maximum timeframe for Visegrad Grant/Visegrad + project implementation is 18 months. For Strategic Grants the implementation period is up to 36 months.

During implementing the project you will have to keep us up-to-date with the project progress by publishing all activities in the calendar of events via My Visegrad. All changes (i.e., prolongations, changes of project partners, etc.) during this period must be requested in writing as scans sent via e-mail (i.e., on letterhead paper with the signature of your statutory representative).

For the step-by-step guidance on your project implementation and reporting, familiarize yourself with the advanced Grant Guidelines.
You must acknowledge the Fund´s support by displaying the Fund´s logo and support statement in all project communication as well as project outputs during the whole period of the project implementation. You can download the logo here. Read about how to acknowledge the Fund in the Logo and Acknowledgement Manual.
At the end of the project implementation period (i.e., the time period specified in the contract) you have 20 workdays for the preparation and submission of the Final report via My Visegrad and by post to the address of the Fund. A project is concluded only after the Fund’s approval of your Final report which can take up to 30 workdays after its delivery. In case your grant will be paid in more than 2 tranches, you will also have to submit the Interim report at completing the first stage of implementation by the date specified in the contract.

As the reporting requirements differ based on the year when your project application was submitted, you can view all required reporting documents by selecting the tab according to the first 4 digits in the number of your project ID.

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