2nd Analytical Days of Svetoslav Bombík and the Visegrad Fund

The Visegrad Fund took part in the 2nd Analytical Days of Svetoslav Bombík during the panel International Visegrad Fund: Uknown Face of Visegrad.


The panelists  Petr Mareš, Executive Director of the Fund, Wojciech Przybylski, Editor of the Visegrad Insight and Tomáš Kozák, Director General for European Affairs, MFEA SR discussed activities and operational programs of the Fund, results achieved so far, and whether or not the Fund has been used to its full potential. What is the future role of an organization of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe from the perspective of the Visegrad capitals and the grantees in need? Are the mandate and organizational structure of the Fund sufficient to tackle flexibly the new challenges faced by our societies? How relevant a partner can the Fund be in a political dialogue of the Visegrad Presidencies with the third countries and what is the experience of the Fund in working with third countries? The panelists  briefed the needs of the civil society based on the experience of the Fund so far, taking into account the fact that by now, 6000 grant projects have been financed and 3000 individual scholars, fellows, and artists have been supported.