Grant Guidelines for the year 2024 and new partnership rules

The new year 2024 starts with some changes in the Grant Guidelines and we would like to share the news with you. The Grant Guidelines 2024 are going to be valid for all projects that will be approved from this year on starting with the first open call this year.


The most significant change in the number of organizations (partners) implementing a project refers to Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries within Visegrad+ grant scheme and can be found in Chapter 1.2. “Project partners” of the current document.

When the applicant’s country of origin is one of the Western Balkan (WB6) or Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, they have two options for applying for a grant:

(1) either follow the “3xV4” rule (three partner organizations from different V4 countries)

(2) or create “2xV4 + 2x WB6/EaP” a consortium including at least two partner organizations from different V4 countries and one additional partner from a WB6 or EaP country different than the one of the applicant.

EXCEPTION from the partnership rules: Ukrainian entities can apply for the first call 2024 for applications (deadline: February 1, 2024) with 2 partners from a different V4 country each without involving another country from the EaP or WB region (1xUA + 2xV4 format).

Rules regarding cooperating organizations (partners) in terms of Visegrad Grant and Strategic Grant schemes remain the same.


The second major change refers to the flexibility in the budget of a contracted project. What amount a project can reallocate from each budget category will depend on the size of the grant provided by the Fund. There are four categories of projects listed in Chapter 5.1 of the Guidelines.