New changes in Grant Guidelines

We would like to inform you that from today, a new version of our Grant Guidelines applies.
The document brings several important changes to our application and grant management procedures:
🔵 Eligibility:
– One applicant can have only one submitted project per deadline
– Faculties, institutes and other relevant organizational units of universities and academies of sciences can apply for support, provided that their internal regulations enable that
– More detailed criteria for Visegrad+ Grants
🔵 Finances and administration:
– Rules concerning payments between grantees and project partners are better explained
– Outsourcing project management activities is strictly limited and subject to the Fund’s prior approval
– VAT can be reimbursed only to grantees without a VAT registration. Registered VAT payers must apply for reimbursement from their local tax authorities
– The Audit Report can be prepared by an audit firm residing outside the country of the grantee’s residence, if they are able to fulfill all conditions of our Audit Guidelines
– Official documents (contracts, reports), must be physically signed by the statutory representative of the grantee; electronic signatures will not be accepted
🔵 Project implementation:
– Event confirmations are possible from 30 to 10 days before the start date
– Platforms, databases, and websites created from our grants must stay active and accessible for a min. of 2 years after the project ends
Should you have any questions, we are here to help!

The full Grant Guideline Document is available here – Grant Guidelines.