We have moved forward with improvements to our grant making programs which aim to increase the efficiency of our funding and to minimize the burden on our grantees with grant administration!

Please review the summary of the main changes to be effective starting from September 1, 2017:

  • There are three regular grant programs:
    • Visegrad Grants (former Small/Standard Grants and Visegrad University Studies Grants);
    • Visegrad+ Grants (facilitating support from the V4 countries primarily towards the Eastern Partnership countries and countries of the Western Balkans);
    • Strategic Grants (supporting projects in line with the annual priorities defined jointly by the current and the upcoming V4 Presidency).
  • Applying is possible three times a year always by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on February 1, June 1 and October 1. There is no call for funding in December.
  • Each of the three calls is at the same time collecting applications for Visegrad Grants, Visegrad+ Grants and Strategic Grants programs.
  • Consulting project proposals is only possible by appointment and 30 days before given deadline the latest.
  • Natural persons are not eligible as applicants, nor as project partners; only applications by consortium of organizations will be considered.
  • Overheads (running costs and other indirect costs linked to the project implementation) can make up to 15% of the granted sum.
  • Projects with budgets amounting to €10,001 or more require an audit that can, however, be covered from the project’s budget.
  • No cash operations are allowed.

For all program-specific changes, read the Rules and Grant Guidelines at program pages of Visegrad Grants, Visegrad+ Grants, Strategic Grants.