New season for V4 Gen Mini Grants

Are you a dreamer who craves new horizons? The V4 Gen Mini Grant is your ticket to experience different cultures, make amazing friends, and strengthen cross-border cooperation in the new season of 2024 that opens on February 1st at noon. And exciting news is that we take the V4 GEN MINI GRANTS to Ukraine for the first time!


You are free to choose one of the objectives of the grant program or create your own. Your project must involve mobility of young people age from 12 to 30 years old from at least two V4 countries. Also it must carry out at least one joint event with both/all sides participating, and at least one joint presentation for a wider audience (a school, local community) combined with creative forms of mediated outreach (website, social media). Maximum time frame for project implementation is 6 months with a budget per project up to 10,000 EUR.


Remember that project drafts shell be submitted by noon on March 1st, and your complete application must be submitted by noon on March 15th.

Learn more about the conditions, as well as V4 Gen Guidelines. Very helpful can be going through ´Frequently asked Questions´ and if there´s a need to have a professional advice you can contact one of our project manager and choose a consultancy in preferred language.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity and apply now!