We are part of the White night festival

The White Night Festival (Biela noc 2023) is a celebration of contemporary art. During three autumn nights (29. 9. – 1. 10. 2023), right in the streets of Bratislava city, you will be able to get to know the work of several artistic genres. And the Visegrad Fund is going to take an active part!


In cooperation with our former grantee Robert B. Lisek (Polish artist, mathematician and composer and a pioneer of art based on artificial intelligence and machine learning) there´s a project Apeiron that is going to be presented at Visegrad Fund exterior premises as a part of the White Night Festival (Biela noc 2023). Apeiron is artistic visualization supported by AI accompanied by light and sound effects.

Apeiron as the project of Robert B. Lisek explores the intersection of knowledge and artistic expression. The work analyzes our conscious experiences in terms of time, space, social awareness and self-awareness where reasoning, memory, emotions, language and other aspects of life are intertwined. Collaborative perspective provides insight into the social nature of knowledge and the discovery of shared meaning and understanding.

The message of the project is connected to Visegrad Fund vision to support cooperation between societies to advance their relations, exchange and share ideas and promote mutual understanding.


The White Night Festival is the largest and most visited festival of contemporary art in Slovakia. It is a prestigious international project whose goal is to bring contemporary art closer to the public and at the same time present non-traditional, unknown or significant places in European capitals. The festival allows you to experience visual art including light design and digital art, live performances, music, film and literature in interesting locations around the city.