Strategic Priorities for 2019

The Visegrad Fund hereby announces its strategic priorities for 2019. Prospective applicants can submit their project proposals within the upcoming deadlines of Strategic Grants, i.e., by June 1 and/or by October 1.

Projects must actively involve active cooperation of the grantee and project partners from the all remaining V4 countries, and the project’s content must adhere to at least one of the following priority areas:


  • Sustainability of ideals from 1989 – Projects focusing on V4 experiences with transformations to democracies and market economy; and on developments in V4 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain in Central Europe, including the development of V4 cooperation;


  • 15+ Years of the V4 in the EU – Projects focusing on positive contributions of the V4 to the future of the EU;


  • New impetus to the Eastern Partnership and EU enlargement (Western Balkans) – Projects focusing on transferring the V4 experiences to the EaP and WB regions; particularly on V4 support to the enlargement policy and pro-enlargement sentiment in the EU and in the WB region.


For more information, please go to Strategic Grants.