The third call for Visegrad Grants is opened

Visegrad grants, Visegrad+ grants and Strategic grants are separate schemes that give organizations opportunities to finance their project ideas. Grants provide funding to a diverse range of activities in all areas of life, from small projects that strive to improve mutual understanding in the border areas to multilateral initiatives with the potential to benefit people across the region.

Whether you are pursuing innovative research, working with youth, arts, vulnerable groups or focusing on development and innovations in Central Europe, the Western Balkan and the Eastern Partnership regions as well as other countries we believe regional cooperation can bring positive change to your field or community.

Visegrad Fund awards grants three times a year via three different grant programs. Learn how to create your electronic application and apply online:

1️⃣  Create an account or log in to the MyVisegrad application system and fill in all the sections and questions.
2️⃣ If necessary, book a consultation with one of our project managers, who can answer all your questions and guide you through the application process before September 18, 2023.
3️⃣ Submit your project application by October 1, 2023 (noon).
4️⃣ Remember to also read the Grants Guidelines, available on the website.

Visit our website and read the conditions for our grant schemes. You can apply for Visegrad Grants, Visegrad+ Grants or Strategic Grants from September 1st until October 1st, 2023.