Ukraine Marks Two Years Since the Full-scale Invasion

Ukraine has been fighting the war against Russian invasion already for two years. Although it may seem that both the interest and the amount of help is decreasing over time, there are many who remain committed. The International Visegrad Fund has stood firmly by Ukraine from the beginning and had been providing grants funding that by now amounts to €1,87 million.


The Fund responded promptly to the war shortly after its outbreak and launched a special call for proposals to assist to Ukrainian refugees in the V4 region as well as to the country itself. In the first year of the war, the Fund processed almost 200 project proposals and 70 grants in total amount almost €1 million. In addition, at the turn of the year there were other humanitarian aid projects in the amount of €387,000 that took place in 2023.

In the mentioned year, the Visegrad Fund contributed to the grants and scholarships for Ukrainian applicants funding over €480, 000. “Talking in person to the representatives of municipalities, NGO´s or universities and seeing their resilience to the obstacles they face on day-to-day basis, gives us a strong motivation not to let up on providing help and constantly look for ways and means of solidarity,” emphasizes the Fund´s Executive Director Petr Mareš, who travelled to regional centers in Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi several times last year.

Ukraine has been one of the main priorities of the fund for over two decades. More than €8 million has been allocated to Ukrainian entities to date, making the country the largest beneficiary outside the V4 region.


On the photo: Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Oksen Lisovyi and Executive Director of The International Visegrad Fund Amb. Petr Mareš.

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