V4 Gen Mini-Grants open call

Keen to share your ideas, meet neighbors, make new friends, and gain new skills and experience? If it is so, you are welcome to apply for V4 Gen Mini-Grants. Remember to register by midnight on Oct 31st and complete your application by noon Nov 15th.

Presenting any meaningful joint activities of the youth in the region with such principles as

  • exchanging perspectives with people who are from diverse groups and share your own diverse experiences and viewpoints
  • supporting learners in the acquisition of competences and improving their personal development 
  • encouraging networking among the youth across the Visegrad region with regional and cross-border cooperation

you are free to choose one of the objectives of the grant program or create your own. Your project must involve mobility of young people age from 12 to 30 years old from at least two V4 countries. Also it must carry out at least one joint event with both/all sides participating, and at least one joint presentation for the public or local community combined with creative forms of outreach. Maximum time frame for project implementation is 6 months with a budget per project up to €10,000. Learn more about the conditions to successfully get the funding you need!