Visegrad 4 Bicycle Race

The International Visegrad Fund has been supporting the V4 bicycle race continuously and welcomes that this year’s national editions take place under the auspices of the V4 ministers of Foreign Affairs.

We have attended the race in Budapest on Thursday July 8, where our Deputy Executive Director Marianna Neupauerová talked about our activities: “mostly under the chapter of social development, the Fund has so far supported more than 170 sports-related projects worth 1.2 mil.€, comprising activities of all possible kinds and involving all age groups. After the pandemic year, we most certainly welcome the reinvigorated efforts for healthy lifestyle and improved well-being in our region.”
The winner of the Hungarian edition of the Race is Michal Schlegel (Elkov Kasper) from the Czech republic, who has has reached the finish as first after covering more than 157 km from Budapest to Pannonhalmán.

On Sunday July 11, our Executive Director Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi visited Nová Baňa, where the eighth year of the V4 Grand Prix Slovakia took place. The race was originally scheduled for 143 kilometers, but due to adverse weather conditions, especially heavy rain, some teams asked the organizers to modify the circuit track. In the end, in the pre-race meeting, several teams agreed to remove the dangerous section from the circuit, so that the length of the race was reduced by almost eight kilometers. The winner of the Slovak race was Alan Banaszek (HRE Mazowsze Serce Polski) from Poland, congratulations!

The Czech edition of the Visegrad 4 Bicycle Race will take place on Saturday, July 17 in Brno and the Polish edition the day after, Sunday, July 18 in Olesnica.

We congratulate the organizers and wish good luck to the competing teams!