Visegrad Focus on Research, Development, Innovation, and Digitalization

 At the Fund, we aim to advance innovative ideas addressing shared challenges by high quality regional cooperation projects in various areas, including Research, Development, Innovation, and Digitalisation. We facilitate and promote the development of closer cooperation among citizens and institutions in the V4 region as well as between the region and its neighborhood.  


We seek organizations that aim to share knowledge, enhance innovation and engage citizens in the Visegrad region and across Central and Eastern Europe. We provide funding to a diverse range of activities with a special focus on Innovation, R&D, Entrepreneurship under the Visegrad Grants such as:

  • – building new business and cluster networks
  • – improving the ecosystem for research, innovation, and business
  • – innovation, new technologies and scientific research
  • – digitalization and the spread of digital literacy
  • – the creation of new approaches to existing regional public challenges


Under the Strategic Grants, we seek projects emphasizing the importance of mobility, networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building in RDI&D in the V4 & its neighborhood.


How does it work?

1. Define a problem and  formulate your idea for a solution

2. Come up with a project idea and involve partners from at least 3 Visegrad countries, or all 4 Visegrad countries in case of Strategic Projects.

3. Apply online –  Register at the My Visegrad portal and submit your application. 



Apply by 11:59:59 CET (noon) on February 1, June 1, or October 1. The call for applications opens 30 days before each deadline. 


What do we support?

EVENTS: Conferences, symposia, consortium, partnership, and b2b meetings, workshops, seminars, lectures, discussions, hackathons, competitions, start-up events, mobility, networking events, fairs, expos, markets, study visits, capacity building programs, training courses, summer schools

PRODUCTS: Learning or teaching materials, publications, articles, reports (open access), web platforms or portals, software, mobile applications, joint research, audio-visual products, internships.


Who can apply?

Any legal entity from any country can apply for support if they fulfil the Visegrad partnership criteria.
The main targets for the RDI&D priority area are: universities, research and scientific institutions, non-profit and civil society organizations, innovation and start-up-related companies.
– Institutions directly under state administration and individual citizens cannot apply.


Scope of funding

The Fund supports projects with a budget of 30 000 EUR on average.
Grants can cover up to 100 % of the project budget with up to 15 % dedicated to overhead costs. Co-financing is always encouraged.


1. Clusters as platforms for business-research (B2R)/research-business (R2B) relations
Project focused on clusters and cooperation between business and research with the aim to identify the best transferable patterns of B2R/R2B collaboration to boost V4 innovation. 


2. Network4Growth – Innovation and technology transfer network for development and economic growth
Project promoting better technology transfer and regionally better-connected R&D centers. The project creates cross-sectorial networking opportunities and business-academia partnerships


3. Increasing digital competencies – the growth of education in society
Project focused on enhancing the digital skills of high school teachers and integrating interactive content and innovative educational strategies into the school curriculum and practice. 


4. V4 high tech startup ecosystem on the radar of international investors
The project creates a cross-border platform to connect start-ups with investors, and a capacity-building toolkit to help them enter new markets. 


5. V4 Nuclear Training Course
A 5-day training course organized by HEIs focusing on nuclear engineering in the V4 region, bringing together master and post-master level students and researchers with the aim of sharing best practices and providing hands-on practical experience for students.