Visegrad Fund marks its 18th birthday with anniversary event

The Visegrad Fund held a one day event to celebrate the 18th anniversary of advancing ideas for regional cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe with a reminder of civil society’s impact on cooperation taking place in the region.

“We’ve grown up, we turned 18 and we’re trying to revise with our beneficiaries, the civil society representatives, where we are heading next,” said Visegrad Fund’s Executive Director Beata Jaczewska.

On June 8, the secretariat of the Visegrad Fund prepared a series of workshops for beneficiaries from among V4 civil society, scholars and art residency participants to review achievements and lessons leaned over the last 18 years. The topics of the workshops included impact methodology, fundraising strategies, crowdfunding, study mobility opportunities, etc.

“It’s the birthday and the birthday is about celebration so we have invited our beneficiaries, friends and family, as we call them, civil society from the region, to exchange knowledge, to learn from each other about how we’re running our projects, how we’re trying to be more successful in the region and how we want to be more impactfull in the region,” she said.

The one day event was concluded with a birthday party at the boat on Danube river attended by the Fund’s beneficiaries and partners including representatives of Foreign Ministries of the Visegrad countries as well as the heads of diplomatic missions of European Union countries, Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans countries to Slovakia. Check out the video.

The Fund was established on June 2000 by the governments of the Visegrad Group countries—Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.