Visegrad Scholarship at OSA: Lessons of the Cold War

The Blinken OSA Archivum and the Visegrad Fund invites researchers, journalists, and artists to Budapest, and reflect on the Lessons from the Cold War by taking hints from the Archivum’s collections, one of the world’s largest holdings on the history of the Cold War and of human rights violations.

Apply for Visegrad Scholarship at OSA by Nov 15th and con­duct research projects on the given research Cold War pri­or­i­ties of the Fund and OSA.  Applicants can explore the connections and differences between the present and the past in history of human rights advocacy, revealing the relationship between foreign policy and international relations, or connecting the current crisis of democracy with past modes.

Visegrad Scholarship at OSA  is designed to pro­vide access to the archives, cover travel to/from Budapest, mod­est sub­sis­tence, and accom­mo­da­tion for a research period up to two months in amount of €3,000. Scholarships for shorter peri­ods are pro-rated.