Visit of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO

“A better region starts with you(th)!” is the motto of Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO whose Secretary General Albert Hani together with his colleagues came to visit the Fund last week.

While visiting the Western Balkan region last year, we have had the pleasure to meet with some of the Local Branch Offices of RYCO. We are glad that this time, we could host our friends in Bratislava.
Both of our missions of supporting youth mobility and exchange programs are very much inter-linked, that is why we are sharing knowledge and experience while thinking of mutual cooperation in the future. We believe that bringing the Visegrad Fund together will RYCO would be beneficial for youth in both of our regions.

RYCO is an independently functioning institutional mechanism, founded by the Western Balkans 6 participants, aiming to promote the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation between the youth in the region through youth exchange programs.