Winner of Project of the Year 2019

We are happy to announce the winner of Project of the Year 2019 that is project EUnderground:V4 – Cultural Dissent Movements in the Visegrad Countries!

Hungarian organization Laterna Magica Nonprofit Kft. together with their partners University of Social Sciences in Lodz, EDUcentrum in Prague and Post Bellum SK have organized a cross-national cultural festival to remember the victims of the totalitarian censorship between 1945-89 in the Central-European countries. Students, visitors and participants from the V4 countries got to understand the functioning of the totalitarian propaganda. The festival aimed to illustrate what was happening when someone have had “ a different thinking” in the field of literature, painting, music or any other type of arts. The program of the festival included performances of underground and dissent artists from the former socialist countries, concerts, exhibition, public readings, interactive debates, film projections and many more. We are proud that the prize goes to such an eventful and educative festival.

Every year, the Project of the Year winner is selected by broad audience in popularity voting competition on our social media. This year, the pandemic endangered almost all of the projects supported by the Visegrad Fund that started with the implementation in 2019. Many of them had to be postponed, some even unfortunately canceled. Despite all of these difficulties, we wanted the competition to continue also for this year. For that reason, we have reached out to our Council of Ambassadors to select the winner out of four nominated projects. Together with the winner these were: Art & Tech Days by a Slovak applicant Creative Industry Košice, Polish Sztuka Nowa Association’s Change Project and Post Bellum’s Memory of Nation Award – 30 Year after the Iron Curtain Fall.