Apply for Artists Residencies

Visegrad Artists Residencies open up possibilities to create and be inspired by the environment of the cultural institutions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

Dancers, painters, journalists or writers, as well as actors, circus performers, designers, sculptors, architects, DJs and all the others from creative industries, including new media, can apply from September 15 (noon) until October 15 (noon) for:

🔵 Visual and Sound Artists Residency

facilitate mobility and artistic exchanges of V4 citizens in the fields of visual and sound arts, including design, music, video and film, new media and mixed media;

🔵 Performing Artists Residency

support contemporary theater and dance by providing opportunities to host artists and companies from/in V4 countries;

🔵 Literary Residency

develop and promote V4 literature by providing support to the work and mobility of talented writers of fiction and non-fiction, poets, essayists, critics as well as literary translators, publicists and journalists from V4 countries;

🔵 Visual Artists Residencies in New York 

provide artists with the chance to be inspired in a variety of spectacular artistic settings of Brooklyn at the International Studio & Curatorial Program.

Read the conditions, rules and other criteria individually for each residency, as they vary in some aspects.