Visual and Sound Artists Residencies are open to artists working in the following disciplines: Visual Arts (including performance art, textile art and architecture), Design (fashion, costume, jewelry, ceramics and furniture design, visual communication), Music/Sound (interpretation, sound installation, sound performance, composition) and Video/Film/New Media/Mixed Media (including video installation).

  • The residency must be implemented in a V4 country, other than that of the applicant’s citizenship/residence

  • The period of support is 2 months

  • Residencies can take place between January 10, 2023 to December 31, 2024

  • Reapplying of previously supported artists is possible only for a residency in a V4 country different that of the previous residency project

  • The amount of the support is €1,000  per month for resident and €1,250  per month for the host organization; each res­i­dency project receives €4,500 in total

Current rules for Visual and Sound Arts Residencies are available in the document below.
The application form must be submitted via My Visegrad  by 12:00 (noon) on October 15, 2023. The
application system opens 1 month before the deadline and it is not possible to apply outside of this submission period.

Your application must include the following enclosures:

  • Copy of your ID or passport

  • Artistic portfolio  (files or link to artist´s website)

  • Scan of acceptance letter issued by the host organization, which includes the name of the artist; title of the project; planned dates of the project; date; name and signature of the statutory representative

For more information contact our Project Manager Martin Marciňa at

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The list is not exclusive. An institution not included in the database can be selected as a host organization as well.