Visual and Sound Artists Residencies are open to artists working in the following disciplines: Visual Arts (including performance art, textile art and architecture), Design (fashion, costume, jewellery, ceramics and furniture design, visual communication), Music/Sound (interpretation, sound installation, sound performance, composition) and Video/Film/New Media/Mixed Media (including video installation).

  • The residency must be implemented in a V4 country, other than that of the applicant’s citizenship/residence

  • The period of support is 2 months

  • Residencies can take place between January 10, 2023 to December 31, 2023

  • Reapplying of previously supported artists is possible only for a residency in a V4 country different that of the previous residency project

  • The amount of the support is €1,000  per month for resident and €1,250  per month for the host organization; each res­i­dency project receives €4,500 in total

For more information about general conditions and selection criteria in 2022, read Rules of the Visegrad Artists Residency Program—Visual and Sound Arts.

New rules for Visual and Sound Arts Residencies applying in 2022 with start in 2023, read the New Rules of the Visegrad Artists Residency Program.
The application form must be submitted via My Visegrad  by 12:00 (noon) on October 15, 2023. The
application system opens 1 month before the deadline and it is not possible to apply outside of this submission period.

Your application must include the following enclosures:

  • Copy of your ID or passport

  • Artistic portfolio  (files or link to artist´s website)

  • Scan of acceptance letter issued by the host organization, which includes the name of the artist; title of the project; planned dates of the project; date; name and signature of the statutory representative

For more information contact:

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The list is not exclusive. An institution not included in the database can be selected as a host organization as well.