The grant programme provides young scholars from Central and Eastern Europe interested in European integration at large with a unique research experience in the HAEU embedded in the international scholarly community of the EUI in Florence.

Successful applicants will receive a research grant of €5,000 to cover all expenses.

A link providing application information and eligibility requirement for the new postgraduate fellowships may be found here.
The following candidates from Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the Western Balkans, and Eastern Partnership countries are eligible to apply:

  • All current postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates);

  • All postdoctoral researchers or university teachers who have completed a master’s degree or doctorate within ten years preceding the date the application is submitted and who currently hold an academic appointment.

Successful applicants will prepare a publication (thesis, dissertation, book or scholarly article) relating to European integration in any of the disciplines of human and social sciences (e.g., law, history, political science, economics, sociology, public administration).

Research projects presented by postgraduate students or postdoctoral researchers should preferably relate directly to their master’s or doctoral field of research.

In view of the languages used in European Union archival documents, candidates should have a sound knowledge of English and basic knowledge of French.
The grant programme for 2023–2024 comprises one deadlines for applications per year, on April 30.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to the Historical Archives of the European Union at Confirmation that an application has been received will be sent by e-mail within one week.

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted in either English or French. The research itself and subsequent publications may be in the language chosen by the grant holder.

Complete application files should include:

  • a detailed presentation of the research proposal, including a description of the research subject, its academic significance and its contribution to research in the field, any previous academic work performed in the field of study, and the proposed research methodology and timetable (five pages maximum);

  • a detailed annotated bibliography of sources and studies related to the research (five pages maximum);

  • a justification of the need to use the HAEU archival holdings in Florence;

  • a statement of the applicant’s plans for scholarly publication of the research results;

  • a list of the applicant’s previous publications (no more than 10, including the most recent);

  • a letter of recommendation from a professor of a university or university-level research institute, providing an evaluation of the scholarly significance of the project and an assessment of the candidate’s qualifications, abilities and motivation to carry out the proposed research.