Fel­low­ships are awarded three times per year on a com­pet­i­tive basis to scholars, artists or journalists from V4 and non-V4 coun­tries who wish to con­duct research at OSA, and whose cur­rent research projects are rel­e­vant to the hold­ings and the given research pri­or­i­ties of the Fund and OSA.

The €2,000 fellowship is designed to pro­vide access to the archives, cover travel to/from Budapest, mod­est sub­sis­tence, and accom­mo­da­tion for a research period of two months. Scholarships for shorter peri­ods are pro-rated.
Altogether, 12 fel­low­ships are awarded annu­ally to selected applicants from V4 coun­tries and 3 fel­low­ships annu­ally to non-V4 applicants. The applicants must adhere to following research topics valid for 2017/2018 edition:

  • Toolkits and media practices in ensuring objectivity;

  • Conceptualizing, classifying, and practicing opposition (selection and support for what counts as a “movement”, “dissidence” or “non-conformism”);

  • Techno-sciences of mass communication;

  • Cold War wikipedia: documenting personalities and biographies (biographical card files, personal archives);

  • Circuits of communication and (anti-)propaganda techniques: information gathering and classification, textual and visual dissemination (book programs, samizdat, TV monitoring, instructional and documentary movies);

  • Assumptions and documentation of human rights abuses;

  • Construction of political ‘facts’ amidst socio – economic issues (standards of living, urbanization, education, religion etc); Historical analysis of socialist welfare policy and poverty under communism;

  • Documenting transnational phenomena in a time of polarized visions and imbalances between centers and peripheries;

  • Consequences of Cold War conceptual schemes and treatment of information on current economic and socio-political issues.

The application process is run via the OSA website. Deadlines for applications are: 25 July, 15 November.

Applicants are to enclose the following documents to the application:

  • Application let­ter in English

  • Research description/plan in English (about 800 words)

  • Applicant’s CV

  • Names of two ref­er­ees with con­tact addresses

  • Copy of English lan­guage exam