Q: Can we extend the implementation period of our project?

A: The Fund will only agree with the extension of the implementation if the successful financial and administrative conclusion of the project is seriously endangered by unexpected and unforeseeable events. Such an extension must be consulted with the Fund beforehand and requested in our online system, under the tab "Change requests > Implementation period change" by clicking on the button "+ ADD NEW CHANGE REQUEST". The request must include a detailed reasoning and the specific date by which the implementation period should be prolonged. Once the request has been submitted, your assigned project manager will forward it to our Deputy Executive Director for approval. You will be informed about the decision via e-mail.

Due to our new procedure, we do not require official letters any longer.


Q: Can we add new events?

A: Adding a new event is considered a substantial change to the project which requires the prior approval of the Fund. You have to submit an official written request (a scan of an original letter signed by the statutory representative of the grantee) with a thorough justification of the requested change. The letter should be sent by email to the Fund’s project manager assigned to your project. It will be evaluated by the Fund’s representatives within 7 working days, after which you will be informed about the decision by email.

Q: When and how do we confirm events?

A: According to your contract, all events must be confirmed in the calendar 7 working days (10 calendar days) before their planned date. If this is not done, you will receive an automatic reminder from our online system. In case you wish to modify the date of the given event at this point, you can do so up to 3 calendar days before its originally planned date.

Unconfirmed events and any connected costs will not be accepted by the Fund.

Example: an event in the calendar is scheduled on 25 January 2021. If you do not confirm it by 15 January 2021, the system will notify you via e-mail. In case you wish to postpone the event for a later date, you can make the modification by 22 January 2021. After this day the event cannot be modified.